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Hi all... some more from my travels... these from the various towns and cities that I've bumped into over the last couple of years... All K1/K1 II and various lenses, inc DFA 15-30, PLM 55-300, FA 24-90, DFA 24-70.

1.Mural, Belfast

2.Richmond, London

3. The Spire, O'Connell St, Dublin

4. Balloon, Oxford

5. Docks, Dundee

6. Reflection, Dublin

7. Canal, Birmingham

8. Mural, Shoreditch

9. Shadow, Liverpool

10. Rain, Milton Keynes

11. Washing, Plymouth

12. Underpass, Milton Keynes

All thoughts, comments, observations etc v welcome as ever...


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Yet another varied and interesting set of images. Its good to just see stop and see something in the ordinary everyday things and places around us - and you have a great gift for that Bill. Alo - the ye out for that moment that passes so quickly viz 'the shadow' image. Love 'em!


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Wow wow wow!

What a diverse set of absolutely excellent images.



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Very diverse set,
The balloon shot pops for me, (sorry)
Great set.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Brilliant set again Bill, you have such a great eye for an image, one that absolutely screams out to me is the shot of Dundee Docks.

The only aspect I'm not sure about is the (out of focus) vegetation in the last image, which is a little distracting to my eye, I maybe would have gone in a little closer to get a tighter framing on this shot, but that's nit-picking in the extreme.

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A really lovely, and very diverse, set. What a great eye you've got to have spotted all of these.

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alfpics wrote:
Yet another varied and interesting set of images. Its good to just see stop and see something in the ordinary everyday things and places around us - and you have a great gift for that Bill. Alo - the ye out for that moment that passes so quickly viz 'the shadow' image. Love 'em!

I meant to say 'Also, on the look out' for that moment...


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Oh all right, a few thoughts then:

I like how the mural jumps out at us in Belfast, and love the
minimalism and attention to small details in Richmond.

The Dublin Spire I haven't yet found the "je ne sais quoi" which would convince me I just hadn't yet found it.

The Oxford balloon, while more incongruously out of place than the Belfast mural, seems to blend in with its environment in a most natural way - a great find!

The Dundee Docks are simply amazing - the jagged steel against the jagged clouds, waves crashing into waves, and does that fence really think it can contain this fury? A dramatic tale indeed!

The Dublin Reflections are very cleverly framed - might just as well be seeing the city directly through those panes of glass, were it not for the skies' differing colours.

Contrasty wall at The Birmingham Canal, the fanned-out lines doing a good job of framing the graffiti - and the grass a welcome touch.

So much happening in Shoreditch, this and Birmingham have rythm to them, in spades.

The Liverpool Shadow - pure minimalism and attention to detail, again. Love how that shadow seems to fly freely through the geometrically intricate desing of the building - will it escape?

Silence is key in rainy Milton Keynes - yet there is a latent presence in all those deckchairs. Another favorite.

Only after observing them as an ensemble did I appreciate The Plymouth Washing and the MK Underpass. Somewhat at odds with the rest of the set, I needed to mentally adjust to the more mundane(?) environment, framing, colour... More of the same would work wonders as a series.

Great set!


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Very good set again Bill. balloon, reflection, and rain are my favourites.

Keep these sets coming.

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Love photography that looks at things a little differently, and these certainly do that.. So congratulations for not giving us. Just the jazzed up holiday shots...!

Love the washing in Plymouth...!!

But where's Manchester ?
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Thanks Andy, Mike, Derek, David, Phil, Serge, Peter, Stuart for thoughts and favourites re these... very useful as ever...

David, yes know what you mean re the plants etc in Milton Keynes... I was aiming for a bit of context, but the extreme v oof foreground might be a tad distracting, I agree...

Stuart, I did an IR project in Manchester when I was there in the summer, which I posted here a couple of months back... but it does crop up in a couple of further sets that Iíll post on here over the next few weeks/months...

Serge, thanks for detailed thoughts as ever... the sky in Dundee was extraordinary (and brief)... pretty much unlike anything Iíve seen before or since... was running around like a lunatic trying to find something that would complement it, and came across this heavy plant compound just in time... in terms of more of the same, I do have another set along these lines, which Iíll post at a later date...

Thanks again all...



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Some difficult subjects to compose/crop in amongst this superb set - I suspect a lot of thought and effort has gone into this aspect.

Great variety and quality as usual - simplicity combined with pattern and textures works so well throughout this set


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Excellent set Bill. You just captured the ordinary things of everyday life, but it looks very beautiful! Great job man. I just loved no. 4, 6 and 9
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Thanks John and DSP... much appreciated...


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