Older Flashguns.


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A good result Vic.

Best regards


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Well done Vic - perseverance pays off.

Onwards and upwards for 2019.


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Well Vic, your post made me think I'd best check my older guns. Fortunately all OK. So whilst checking the AF400 kit I thought I'd have a look at the guts of the TR power pack (as you do when it's persistent precipitation outside).

Designed for six 'C" size dry cells, typically alkaline, the bulk of the housing is for the batteries.

The oscillator is under the cover on the opposite side of the on/off switch. I bought my TR power pack back in 1988 and it's worked well since.

The reverse side of the pcb - cover removed. The yellow item is the step-up transformer.

The component side of the pcb showing the step=up transformer and the two TO3 power transistors in cast metal heat sinks as they get warm in operation.

Back in it's case.

The flash gun AA battery container showing the polarity of the spring loaded contact pins

The plug on the TR pack that plugs into the back of the flash gun has three female connectors. Two are for the high voltage from the oscillator that goes to the capacitor in the flash gun and the third is the feed back connection that lights up the neon "ready" indicator on the TR power pack.

Best regards

vic cross

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Hi Gary. I bought one of my TR's with my first 400. When I got my 2nd. 400 a few years later I thought I might get a secondhand TR. No such luck and they were now well out of production. Then somehow I saw that B&H had half a dozen old stock. (New ones) SO I bought one quick. I got lucky. This was all a long time ago. First I used Ni-Cads but later upgraded to Ni-Mh. They served me well with my 645 doing weddings for approx 10 years. I then (2005) used them with my 280 on the battery grip on my Z1p and hard wired them to my two 400's mounted on tripods with umbrellas. As I said in an earlier post I'm starting on a part time evening course at the local tech. in Jan. just for something to do as I haven't been out with my cameras for almost a year due to illness. The course is mostly studio flash work which is why I thought I'd revive the old beasts just for the fun of it.
The insides are very interesting. The AA container doesn't need a + or - sign as it has a location pin so you can't get it wrong.
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Hi Vic, my AA container is marked because I charge the enerloops in it, using croc clips connected to the pins, so need to know the pos and neg.

Hope you enjoy the course your going to be doing.

Best regards


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Sadly my AF280T appears to have given up the ghost
PPG Flickr


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It's a great little model, hope you can pick up another one ....

Here's mine doing fine service with the Samyang 14mm (an A type lens, so not compatible with P-TTL), K7 and Gary Fong LightSphere .....
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vic cross

Link Posted 19/04/2022 - 01:05
Hello again everyone. As once again I hadn't used my AF400T flashes for a while I thought I'd charge up the old NiMH batteries fit them in the TR power packs and check they still worked. Success both up and running absolutely fine.
Born again biker with lots of Pentax bits. Every day I wake up is a good day. I'm so old I don't even buy green bananas.


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A frequent charge & discharge of the flash capacitor always helps keep it in good working order.

Best regards
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