Older monitors for photo editing ?


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being a student again, I find my life priorities have shifted to avoiding unneccesary expense - and having a bit of time to play on ebay . . .

One item I really could do with is a photo edit quality monitor. Old CRT and less old LCD flat screen stuff is on ebay all the time.

stuff like panel search is all very well BUT I cant find out what the good older models were

Any models/names to look out for ? 15" non widescreen is plenty big enough but I really need something better than I have (Acer TN panel)


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Don't get a TN, they have the worse colours, try looking for PVA or ISP.
For budget CRT is the best, still using mine

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I guess that you will get a lot of personal preferences (good and bad)so here is my 2d worth:
I used a LG (Goldstar) Flatron 17" (L1710B) for 8 years at work, and bought one for home use (four years ago). Last year I added a 22" LG (W2234S), passing the 17" to my wife.
Editing is easier on the wide screen - colour registration is harder. There is another problem with the wide screen if you want to run an old Mac with OS 9 on it - like it does not want to boot up - but that is not what you asked.
I would recommend a good used L1710B (comes with matt screen finish, which suits my tired old eyes).
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