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Old lenses Sirius, Carl Zeiss, Mayer-Optik, Pentacon, Industar 61, D.D.A. Optics

Posted 04/04/2013 - 12:37 Link
Hi I have few old lenses that I bought from local charity shops in past time to play with it. But now they are sitting in shelf and gathering dust. Therefore i have decided to sell them to somebody who will use them.

Pentacon Practicar 50mm f1.8 - 20
Pentacon PB Practicar 28mm f2.8 - 20
Carl Zeiss Tessar 50mm f2.8 m42 - 20
Mayer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50mm f2.8 m42 - 20
D.D.A. Optics 135mm f2.8 Auto m42 (in original leather case)- 20
Industar61 53mm f2.8 FED m39 - 10 (focusing ring works nice but it feels like it need a bit of grease)

All lenses are in good condition considering his age. I cant see any marks(fungus or any other damage on the lenses), some dust inside and marks in the lens bodys.
Some of them got the lens caps some not.
Price for job lot 110 posted via RMSD.
There is additional 5 for P&P if you want them separately.

Will add some pictures if required.
Thanks for looking.
Posted 16/04/2013 - 12:50 Link
Any offers for them please.

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