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Dear All,

I am away on fieldwork in Romania for the next couple of weeks with little / no access to the internet. I'll be back at the end of April. Not too long a trip this time. I'll be away for nine weeks in the summer! I am looking forward to reading the mag and your posts, and admiring your pics when I get back.

Best wishes, Kris.
Kris Lockyear
It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head. Henri Cartier-Bresson
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Have a good trip.
Cheers, HG

K110+DA40, K200+DA35, K3 and a bag of lenses, bodies and other bits.

Mustn't forget the Zenits, or folders, or...

I've some gallerieshere CLICKY LINK! and my PPG entries.


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Sounds like fun to me - but the reality is probably different!

Have a good time!


You can see some of my shots at my Flickr account.


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Good luck with the fieldwork Kris,


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Have a good trip Kris, you'll get back just as I'm off on my 4 weeks in the US. Hopefully I'll be able to occasionally check in while I'm away though.
9 weeks in the summer - business or pleasure?


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Have a good trip.


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Have a good trip and a safe return.
The older I get the faster I was.
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If there are decent pictures to be taken in Romania, Kris'll take em!

We look forward to your return!
Mac from Montreal

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Have a nice trip ! And lot of good pics
Hope to see at last some of those when you're back.

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