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Hi All
I have a K20D that takes very good picture and you can view them when you take them, but a little later(few weeks)when you try and view them it comes up with Camera cannot display this image. I am using a 4GB Sandisk Ultra card in the camera. When the card is in the computer it shows all of the images with no problems. Just wondered if any one out there can point me in the right direction as to whether it might be a camera fault or something else. This has happened with more than one card.
Many thanks in advance
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hi chris
are you processing the images with photoshop etc
then saving them to the card if so that might be your problem
cheers Neil
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As Neil says, the camera will only display the pictures it has taken. Just taking the card out and putting it in the computer can subtly change the file information and make it unreadable.
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That sounds like it could be my problem because that is exactly what I do, I will try it to find out.
Big thanks to you both


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[quote:3496ace15f="greynolds999"]As Neil says, the camera will only display the pictures it has taken.
This is not quite right if i take jpegs in my panasonic tz8 and place the card in my K5 it does show the jpegs on the K5 monitor screen.
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Yes, because the images have not been manipulated. It's not good practice to use cards in more than one camera though.
Best regards, John
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