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Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 20:35
I've created a new website and would appreciate your feedback, as I find this a very good forum for getting sensible suggestions on things.

The aim of the website is to bring my website and blog together into a single site, instead of the two separate URLs they used to have, and also to provide a showcase of my work so that I can contact places and ask whether I can come and shoot models there.

The website is here:

Any suggestions for improvement most welcome


Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 21:12
I think the website design enhances the quality of your images, it's simplicity doesn't take anything away from them. I'm not sure 'Tim's pile of photos' does it justice but it's always better to err on the side of modesty and visitors will quickly realise it contains some excellent work.

Just a note, there's an image missing from one page, 'Outdoors' I think.


Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 21:22
Hi Tim

I agree regards the simplicity. One minor point - and it may be a completely personal thing, but I find the image on your home page with the very blue sky really pulls the attention to it to the detriment of the other images.

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 21:32
Thanks Russ. "Tim's Pile of Photos' is a rather corny title as my name is Tim Pile, and I couldn't think of anything better, other suggestions for website names most welcome.
How does the missing image show up?

Thanks for taking a look Carl. I just picked a selection of images for the front page, but you are correct in that the rock/sky image is more colourful than the rest.

The other things, is that the website is 'responsive', so it should look good on phones and tablets, as well as normal PCs.


Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 21:33
Looks great and simple. Only very annoying element is the seemingly random rearranging of the pics when resizing the browser. it violates function over form.
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Hey Smeggy I've not realised that before. The website is based on a Wordpress theme and it does all the clever stuff, including it seems randomly rearranging the images when you resize, I think that's the 'responsive' bit kicking in.


Link Posted 24/05/2014 - 21:57
I like it Tim, it is clean, uncluttered and simple. It responds quickly and is easy to navigate. It is also very easy on the eye and the images are reproduced in good quality.

No criticism from me.


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Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 11:38
I'm not that keen on the website. I don't think it displays your work to its best advantage. Just my personal view:

Home Page:

There are too many photos for my liking and butted up against each other isn't the best way to display them. I don't like having to scroll down on this page.

I like the idea of the title and I know how it is derived. But someone coming to the site new might find it odd.

What I want to learn from a homepage is a brief overview of the photographer and just a few best of images - a teaser trailer if you like.

A brief one line bio would make sense of the title too. Blow your own trumpet.


I think the syntax could flow better. I think it could be less modest.


I cilck on Galleries and nothing happens, so I click again and again. I then work out I have to access images through the drop down menus.

A page with a headline image per gallery would be good, in addition to direct access through the drop down menu.

Some galleries have space between the images and some don't. Whatever the approach it is best consistent. The difference in sizes jars for me. For example, Have I Got Nudes Fot You - the second photo down on the left is not exactly flattered by the one to the immediate right. The first two images don't appear to contain any nudes. The central portrait dominates everything else.

The content is stunning. I think it could be displayed much better. I think a less is more ethos would pay off.

There are two photos I think are among your very best - Holly In A Box and Anita. I can't see them.
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Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 11:52
I think the home page looks cluttered. Some I would say less images and some space. Similarly I think The Beach and Indoors galleries work better than the Outdoors and Holly type
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Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 12:10
All great feedback, thank you all for taking the time to look at my site.

Barrie, there are quite a few gallery templates and I was playing around with them in the different galleries. Maybe I should work out which on works best and stick with it.

Very comprehensive review Adrian, thank you very much. How many images do you think there should be on the front page?
I did think of 'Tim Pile - Photographer' as a title for the website, but thought it was a bit too formal. Maybe a tagline as you suggest would improve things, I'm pretty sure the template allows that.

About - do you mean more modest or less modest? I am trying to blow my trumpet a bit so that when I approach people about letting me use their locations to shoot nudes in, or maybe do an exhibition, that I namedrop lots of photographic organisations so that they might think I'm famous and let me shoot/exhibit there

Galleries - I think I can create a galleries page with Thumbnails, good idea.

See me response to Barrie about different gallery types. I think I can rearrange the image order to stop it having very large and very small images.

Which were the two missing images, are they these?

Keep the comments coming.


Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 12:24
I think there should be an odd number. Maybe three, maybe five.

I mean be less modest in tone.

Yes, those images. I would put Anita on the front page. If Gary Hickin thinks it is fine art then it is fine art.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 12:39
davidstorm wrote:
I like it Tim, it is clean, uncluttered and simple. It responds quickly and is easy to navigate. It is also very easy on the eye and the images are reproduced in good quality.

No criticism from me.

I would agree, particularly with image quality, this is not always a given. I would also say I'm a fan of Homepages that scroll, like this one, you can quickly look over lots of info without doing much. I think either scroll all the way, or not at all is best, maybe its just my screen but you might want to make the other pages a little smaller so there is no scroll on them?
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Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 14:41
I do think "less would be more". Rather than a crammed full page of (excellent) images leave the viewer room to move, and wanting more.



Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 15:35
Ditto much of what has been said, but to add one comment, and that's to do indirectly with the resizing of photos.

In a number of the galleries this also moves the 'Previous' and 'Next' arrows around, so as a viewer you're constantly needing to adjust the mouse cursor in order to move between images, which I find annoying.

That said, 'The Beach' is perfect with no movement of the arrows.

Overall, though, I love your work.


Link Posted 25/05/2014 - 16:34
Hi Tim

So - just to sum up our opinions:

It is simple and uncluttered

It is confusing and too cluttered

We do not think your name or that of your web-site does
you or your images justice (not sure which)

One thing that has been little mentioned is the quality of your images on the site - but perhaps that is because we have all praised them before

So - hope that helped Tim

Main question of course is - do you like the site you have designed?

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more
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