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Hi All

Last year I finally purchaced my K10. What a camera!

Only problem is, I'm in need of some one toone or group tuition. I've read the books and seen the film but i would greatly appreciate some help on going to manual mode settings. I've experimented but get a bit frustrated when light changes etc.. turn this and press that and HOPE!

Does anyone know of classes or tuition in the Devon area? I live nr Exmouth but searching the net has been next to useless. I'm more than willing to pay for tuition if anyone can help. There's a lot of pictures out there just waiting to get on my SD card.
Thanking you in advance


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Hi and welcome to the forum, would you please fill in your location details in your profile when you have a moment, Ta!!

Steve Chasey

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Hi Andy - welcome to the forum.

Some FE colleges run photography classes - usually aimed at composition and appreciation techniques for portrait or landscape. Exeter Uni might - look for Lifelong Learning or simular headings. Changes in FE funding has reduced the number of "fun" adult classes sadly.

There are local Pentax user groups scattered around the country - may be possible to link up with the nearest group if you can - or even consider joining the local camera club.

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Hi Both

Hope I've done this right? I was looking for the 'post reply' tag at the bottom.

Thank you for the info and I look forward to this site.


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Just an after thought but anyone interested in starting up a local help group?
You've already got one member... ME!


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Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.

The basics of photography are the same whatever camera you use so I'd suggest your local camera club or college would be a good place to start. Don't worry if everyone else has a Nikon or Canon or whatever, your K10D will be just as capable.
Joining the Q


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Hi Andy and welcome to the forum.
Just ask and loads of members will reply


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Hi Andy,

I am in Plymouth and also have a small studio. If I was a bit closer I would be happy to lend you a guiding hand.. I am not a teacher by no means but I do have a lot of experience with K10 and the ist DL so showing you the basic principles shouldn't be too difficult..

I am on about visiting the exe estuary a few times in the near future so perhaps if we met up I could help..

*EDIT* There are a couple of good clubs around you and as someone says don't get intimidated with the canon and nikon crowd.. It's quite often I pan them in club competitions.
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Hello Andy, welcome to the forum.
By joining and reading this forum I am sure you will gain lot of knowledge.


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Welcome Andy,
This really is a superb forum. Helpful and supportive people all round. Ask away and use the search to find other posts to get your answers.
By the way I didn't use manual mode for at least 5 months owning the camera, whilst I got more familiar with it.
But that said some very useful pointers on here helped me.
Press Green button and camera sets the shutter/aperture combination. Want to adjust either of them and keep the exposure, press the * button then adjust. Want to change the ISO? Hold down the OK and roll away. If the light changes do the same again. Feel free to PM me, I'm no expert but like you I think the K10D is a cracking camera and you will see some results on my flickr link in my signature.
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Hi Andy!

As others have said...ask away, the knowledge on this site is amazing. I make regular use of it.

(And no-one has laughed at my daft questions yet )
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Hello and welcome
Kind regards,
Michal R. Hoffmann
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