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Link Posted 15/07/2013 - 12:08
Was sent this this morning - and it could be very useful


And the explanation as to how it works


As most of us do , I presume , register bodies and lenses with the manufacturers , I expect that they would confirm our ownership of the articles we wish to register.

Yes it's still not 100% security , but anything which can possibly slow down the low life tea leaf selling it on is a GOOD thing
let the education continue

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I'm not so sure that I'd let any website have a complete list of my kit. Once that gets hacked, and it will, then someone could have a free shopping list.

Better to look after our property IMHO.
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oh now come on John - let's be reasonable

Most of us have insurance for our gear

I'm covered by my household insurance - and I've checked it very carefully. I know what the limit is for each article , I know what precautions I have to take if it's out of the house . I know what precautions I must take if I'm away on holiday.

I also have some stuff covered with iTrak - like camera body and laptop - those sticky labels are exceptionally difficult to remove - makes a wonderful visual deterrent .

All these Sites are doing is trying to help prevent the opportunist thief make a fast buck immediately selling your stuff on Gumtree or e-bay.

The Police in some areas are offering Smart Water marking - again it's a deterrent but would be very useful identifying stolen stuff. Are we to regard the website for that as as open for hacking ?

There are so many Sites now offering some form of registry for gear that it would be hard to hack them all
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs
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I'm somewhere in-between. Oddly I would actually trust these sites more if they charged - otherwise I can't work out where they plan to make money and that worries me.
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I'll agree there - I have to pay for Trak

As to worries about security all Lenstag want is a password and an e-mail address and who says you can't set up an email address just for that one Site ?
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs


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I wouldn't be worried about security as there is no need to supply a postal address and the kit inventory is only going to be traceable to an email account - which you can make as identifiable, or not, as you wish.

What concerns me more is that there is no privacy statement on the web page, or at least none that I found at first glance. If it was just a website where you could upload item data to register a lens I might accept some altruistic soul is just providing a useful service - but apparently every single item registered is going to have an image showing the serial number inspected by a human and somehow 'proof of ownsership' accepted. That implies serious cost in time and money so I would be concerned about how my data is going to be sold and used.
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