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Link Posted 26/02/2007 - 14:21
Hi everybody, just got myself a ME Super with smc f2 50mm, 40mm-80mm & a Sun 75-200mm zoom, wanted to learn the basics & hope this kit is the right way to go, before moving on to a DSLR, could anybody give me any info on camera,lens or tips,
Thanks Dave


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Wecome to the forum AfcDave,

You will find most of the technical info. you are ever likely to want to know about your Pentax branded kit at .

I have no personal experience of any of the equipment you mention but I used a Super-A, the successor to the ME Super having essentially the same body, for many years until it finally died. I used a Pentax-A 50mm 1:1.7 lens on it and was always pleased with the results. your 1:2 lens is a little less sharp and is not best suited to low light working but is nevertheless an excellent lens.

You will experience mixed emotions on here regarding digital only v digital + film capable lenses. Get to know the kit you have before embarking on any lens buying spree, stick to Pentax SMC lenses, and follow any or all advice you get from this forum. You'll not go far wrong.

As with any forum, ask questions and you'll get knowledgable and qualified answers and remember, there's no such thing as a daft question.
Peter E Smith

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Thanks for your reply, had a canon eos 300 for few years but could never really get on with it, always wanted an ME Super & took the plunge a few weeks ago, thought it would help me improve my limited knowledge.


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It will certainly do that, modern AF cameras are so sophisticated and reliable under all but the most extreme conditions, that when set to auto they are essentially 'point and shoot'.

A manual focus camera with fairly basic metering will force you to slow down and think about each and every shot.
You'll have many disappointing results but you'll learn something from every one of them (try to remember what settings you chose and what you were trying to achieve) and you'll get a great buzz from the ones that work.

One of the most undervalued accessories, in my opinion, is the owners manual. Not only will it familiarise you with the camera's controls and functions but also guide you toward the use of basic techniques.
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One of the most undervalued accessories, in my opinion, is the owners manual.

Absolute wisdom. If in doubt, read the instructions!
Best regards, John


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Thank you everybody, have now downloaded the manual from the site Peter gave me, so time to start my learning curve,


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The ME super for me is the pinicle of manual focus camera design. Well alright the LX is really, but I don't have one of those and will probably never be able to justify buying one.

The ME Super has exactly the right amount of automation to make it fast, while retaining ease of access to manual features and when all else fails it still has mechanical backup on the shutter at flash sync speed. If there was a digital back available for my ME-F (ME-Super with focus assist) then I would never have bought a DSLR. Which I suppse is one reason there is no digital back for the ME Super!


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I find my ME-F getting more use than my MX. Funny.

Peter Elgar

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AfcDav: see you are in Essex; if you are anywhere near BRENTWOOD you will be welcome to learn all you want to know from my 'Masterclasess' on traditional cameras at Brentwood Photographic Club; don't ask me about digital, I'm already FED UP with it and only had the camera since Monday !
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!


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Hi Peter, thanks for the offer, I'm in Leigh on Sea, so not to far, that would be great, need all the help I can get, do I need to send you a message or something to get details.
Thanks again Dave
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