MZ-S problem with AF?


Link Posted 09/01/2004 - 15:05
Greetings to all
I'd like to have some your corteous opinion or advice on a problem i found on a Pentax MZ-S i've just bought.
The camera was a demo version in a foto shop, the only one remaining, and the dealer sold me it for a convenient price (not so convenient to me anyway, it's still an expensive top of the line camera).By the way, once at home i noted that the AF focusing on AF lenses and on MF ones (for the MF lenses trough the af symbol in the viewfinder with acoustic beep also) was slightly incorrect compared to the manual focusing trough the viewfinder by the eye.
Infact i tried to focus on a sheet of paper with writings and square-colored figures with a tripod at a distance of about 1.4m; i found an average AF measure of 1.2m vs my Mf measure of about 1.4m (on the lens barrel).
This is not a great difference, but it is visible in the viewfinder and, i guess and fear, in the results ; the fault is more evident with wideangle lenses (it's minimal with a 135mm af).
With an MZ-6 body there is no problem instead, as the manual focusing is the same as the AF one (focus locking at about 1.4m).By the way the viewfinder is only 0.7x and not as bright as the mzs's one, so it may be less accurate; still i don't think that is the problem, because i tried to focus with great accuracy and many times with each lens before i got sure enough of the result.
Of course i've calibrated the MZ-S diopter for my appropriate viewing
as soon as i tried it; moreover i checked the best i could it was really
matched for me when i noted the problem and i found i had already calibrated it to its best since the first time i did. Anyway, according to the MZ6, the 'problem' seems to exist, because AF and MF metering and the MF metering on the MZS are the same, on every lens i've tested: 28,43,50,135,24-90 (MF-AF); the only apparently failing is the MZS's AF.
I still haven't got the photos back, but i'd like to know if anyone alse found the same problem (but is it a real problem?),
i wouldn't like to ship the body for repairing, i fear they would find 'there is no defect' because of their superficial inspection .
I didn't find any method to regulate the focusing (like for example on a Ricoh XRX 3PF body where a screw near the mirror lets you make minimal adjustments of the mirror positions at rest ; a necessary regulation because (manual) visual focusing was incorrect and visible on the photos); infact i wished to regulate the AF secondary mirror by myself, taking it for granted that the fault,if there really is any, is of a mechanical nature (electrical?) .
Anyway, in my opinion a top of the line camera with mirror lock-up feature against micro blurring, already minimal,should have a precise focusing at least.
That's all!
Wish i didn't bore you with this problem and that it is only my fault, but i fear it is not;so many thanks for your attention and for any advice you would kindly give me.



Link Posted 09/01/2004 - 21:26
Hello Filippo,

I fear that you have a faulty camera. My own MZ-S focuses very accurately both on the film and in the viewfinder. I think your best course of action would be to return to the foto shop. I would expect your camera to still be under warranty and it should be checked and sorted via that route.

Hope you get the problem sorted soon and get a chance to enjoy what is a great camera.



Link Posted 10/01/2004 - 15:56
Hallo Stephen
Seems that it was a focusing screen problem.
Infact,with my relief, the photos taken in AF (motorized or with indication in the viewfinder) are correctly focused, while the MFs not!
Ok, but still there is a problem in the mf path; unfortunately the focusing screen seems to be in the right position, as i tried to take it out and in position; maybe the primary mirror is not properly positioned (i think),or that there are the two problems together..
Anyway there's not a great difference with focus, so i could rest now!
Thank you for your interest.

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