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WJ Bons

Link Posted 20/11/2003 - 13:23
last month i had a problem that i changed batterys, put the camera away for a week. took it and after half a roll the battery was exhausted (photo varta battery)?

i am getting irritated by the fact that the camera is eating such a lot of battery and has probably a current leak or something. Putting in new batterys and shoot whole day won't be a problem. Just put it away and afterwards start shooting..

is there a better way to deal with that (different brand?) higher energy or something...

WJ Bons

Link Posted 27/11/2003 - 09:27
i brought my camera to a pentax service point.
i believe it is leaking power, also when turned off!

i set a message in a newsgroups and already got messages back from 2 people who experience the same!

so i believe there is a problem with the fabrication of this mz-s or the battery pack.


Link Posted 27/11/2003 - 13:35
This is certainley not my experience with the MZ-S. I have bought the battery pack for it but the original batteries are not yet exhausted so I haven't used it yet!
Let us know what the service centre has to say



Link Posted 03/04/2004 - 01:33
Hi All,

Not sure about the battery drain deal, I've had the same lithium AA's in my MZ-s for over a year! No problems.

As for the eyecup falling off, get some basic rubber cement and apply a very little bit on both sides of the slide rails. (I mean a VERY LITTLE bit.) Seems to help keep the thing in place. And the good part about rubber cement, it just rubs right off and you can start over with no damage to the plastic. It has worked for me.

This is definitely my favorite camera ever, and I've almost used them all over the years!


Link Posted 12/05/2004 - 14:45
Pentax MZS quartz databack body (New £700) - £450 inc all film
Pentax MZS digital cable switch (NEW £45) - £30
Pentax AF500FTZ flashgun (NEW£360) - £250
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Velbon D700 tripod and case (NEW £80 + £20) - £70
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some jessops same speed (NEW £75 min.)

All hardware is boxed with lense cases, manuals and jessops receipts.

Total New = £2500

Prices listed above. Have shot only 5 or 6 films on this and it is
well beyond what I require since I bought a digicam. I work in London Mon - Fri, and am in Glasgow at weekends, so I can bring equipment to either location.


Link Posted 12/05/2004 - 14:48
My telephone number - 07919 206818
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