MZ-S camera incorporated flash problems

Van den Bulcke

Link Posted 01/07/2004 - 16:17
since 1 year I have a MZ-S camera . From the beginning I have some problems with the incorporated flash unit. Sometimes it is working correctly but most oftenly it doesn't. With an external flash it is working correctly.
Has some ione a similar experience?[/b]


Link Posted 03/07/2004 - 08:52
I have been using MZ-S cameras for over a year now and have not experienced any problems with the cameras integeral flash - having said that I don't the intergeral flash very often. I would suggest a service / repair would be the best way forward.


Link Posted 06/08/2004 - 14:08
I've had my MZ-S for about six months, using both the integral, an external flash and strobes connected through the 2P sync. terminal without issue. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the intergral flash.
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