MZ-3 mirror locking issue, any shop would help?


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HI all,

Recently I took out my 9+ new MZ-3 from deep deep dungeon of my closet. While realized I still have a roll of film in the camera so i decided to finish it.

Last weekend I took it out to take some photos.. Right at first shot, the mirror basically locked at up position and no longer like to come down. I can hear gear motor moving every time, so I knew I am facing the exact MZ-3 mirror motor issue.

I first contacted PentaxUSA, they've told me they are no longer having parts to fix this camera. I then tried the local camera shop, they've also told me the same thing. However! After the intensive search, I found a replacement motor!!! But local camera repair shop still says it would require $159 pre-tax just to fix the problem even I have the spare parts.

Is there any mechanic in US I can send my dead MZ-3 to get it fix for cheaper price? After all, this camera only cost $80 on ebay now days. It's really not worth $159 just to fix it.
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George Lazarette

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I suggest you ask on a US website.

And good luck, but I don't hold out much hope.

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Several years ago Eric Hendrickson (Link: upgraded my MZ-3 by doing this very repair.
At that time he had a source for the upgraded replacement motor with more durable metal gear.

FWIW I also had him install an MZ-M/ZX-M focusing screen as well.
Now it's a terrific AF/MF body I expect to be reliable for years.

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