My first Pentax digital camera


Link Posted 23/01/2020 - 15:36
I bought my *istD in New York in 2004.

The 14th picture I took aboard the USS Intrepid

The 35th picture I took (Mark Alexander)

Then on the 1st July, 2005, in Russia. Tramvai 89 from Nizhnekamsk to Krasnyy Klyuch

A foot bridge in Nizhnekamsk

State Historical Museum Moscow. (with an empty Red Square).

I still use the camera.

Best regards
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Love these photos!

I have never been to Moscow, or New york come to that, though Moscow appeals more of the two.
My first Pentax was bought in Albuquerque, when we drove Route 66 back in March 2002. My first digital was my Ds, which I loved. I wish I still had but it was killed after I gave it to His Nibs, and he left it on the back seat of our rental in Washington State and it flew off when a tractor pulled out in front of us and we had to slam on the brakes or it might not have only been the camera that died.
I haven't given him another one of my cameras since.


Link Posted 29/01/2020 - 06:29
Did he offer to replace it???
cameradextrous _ Motorcycles etc. link
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