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Hi All

Bit late to this as we just got a puppy and not had a lot of time for forum browsing but inspired by the other fantastic sets here are some favorites from 2017

Can't really do one a month as season runs April to October.

I was lucky enough to snag a pass for this years Media day and a couple of grid walks (Thanks to Petrochemist) but everything else is shot from public areas.

Photos are linked from facebook so you should be able to click for larger version should you wish

Thanks for looking. Pete A

1.The result of just over an hour in the torrential rain waiting for race start

2. A rare moment of sun at the Brands season finale

3. Rob Huff's No1 Mechanic raises a finger to his man

4.Why use all 4?

5.First time winner Ben Green embraces his Mentor

6. theres a theme developing

7. Smile (for someone elses camera)

8. Chasing down the Beemer

9. The class of 2017

10. Wet Wet Wet

11. Follow the Leader

12. Lets get started

13. Wind Blown Beauty

14. Peekaboo

15. Laughing Scotsman

16. gone in a blur

17. If I say so myself this shot is super tricky to get from the public area (you should see the discard pile)

18. Forza Billy (I'll be surprised if you haven't heard Billys Story

I could go on, I'm terrible at choosing favourites but thats plenty

Thanks for looking
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Super set. I love fast cars.

Would be very happy indeed to rev up the engine of No 13
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1/ 4 /14 for me great shots thanks for sharing here,s to a good 2018 motorsport year
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number 2 is class
great colour rendition
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Some lovely images there. 1 and 11 stand out for me.

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Super set and great variety.


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Impressive. Its a great selection of varied images, action, speed humour, colour and glamour. However #1 and #4 stand out for me.


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Enjoyed looking.. Thanks for posting....
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What a great set of images! I am not into this sort of sport, but really enjoyed them.
Can't possibly be taken with a Pentax though (re all the Pentax can't AF properly threads!)


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A really great set - shows what can be done with a bit of dedication and a great deal of skill.

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Great set.
1, 9 and 11 for me.
Cracking set.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Fabulous set Pete.

No1 for me for your dedication in the rain (unlike me on that day), great varied set.




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derek897 wrote:
Great set.
1, 9 and 11 for me.
Cracking set.

Great minds ...

Excellent set, what he said ...
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Thank you all for the kind words. It's a genuine boost.

I've been following these BTCC for three complete seasons now and although I still have tons to learn, especially consistency I've learned loads too. One of the main things is that it's not just technique but knowing the environment that gets you the great shot.

I'm proud of No1 because I knew there was the opportunity to capture something different and (almost) unique. There was only me and one official photographer there, he had the advantage of sitting in the covered stand that I couldn't access but I had the lower angle and honestly I think mine is better lol

Thanks again
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