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Hi guys n' gals.

Thinking of this as a gift for a family member who has been sneaking off with my K30 and asking lots of questions I think we have a recruit.......

Please can you tell me:

What the manual control options are like ie full manual control of aperture and speed?
Image quality?
Good choice for someone who kind of "likes to blur the background" and "likes to zoom in close" but is unlikely to get much more complicated than that?

Would welcome any other info from owners too.

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It has Tv, Av, Manual, Programme, User, HDR, Scene Mode, Video and Green Mode selected by the top dial.

In Manual Mode you can select everything I can think of from shutter speed, aperture, ISO, manual or auto focus, RAW or JPG or both and it also has a seperate exposure compensation dial (plus or minus 2 stops)

Great image quality in green mode and fully adjustable if you want to play.

It focuses at some ridiculous close range of I think 1cm. The F1.8 max aperture means it produces good low light images or you can use the flash.

Sharp pictures, good choice of in-camera filters and feels great in your hands.

Down side is no view finder (I still keep putting it to my eye) and no hot shoe. The flip screen is a good addition though and clear in all the conditions i have used it in.

As a present for someone who likes to play with settings and learn everything except changing lenses it would be great.

Also consider a used DSLR. You can obviously get some fantastic kit. My son is now the owner of an ist-DS this way which I got from SRS through eBay. 12 month warranty from SRS and it was like new when I got it with all the bits and box. Just gave him my kit lens to practice with and we get to share the other lenses on trips out.

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?



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MX-1 with f2.5 at telephoto end will let him blur the background as much as you'll ever get with a sensor that size
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