Monitor Terminal?


Link Posted 27/09/2011 - 07:49
How do monitors die? My two year-old HP 2010i has suddenly decided to darken, as if hit by a half-power switch. Is this what monitors do when they die?


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Monitors deteriorate, but I guess they can die in many different ways.

Perhaps you could find another monitor to check that the fault isn't actually the video card or something else.
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Thanks John. I have a laptop I can hook up and an older monitor, so I'll test with both tonight.


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The symptoms you describe could be the backlight giving up the ghost.

If you Google for monitor backlight you'll see what I mean. I have never replaced a backlight or whatever it is that causes the backlight to go but there is a lot on the Web about it and most of it says it is fairly easy to do.

If you don't fancy having a go yourself is there a local computer shop you could try?



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Before trying anything else, just try a new kettle lead and plug into a different socket - just in case

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Panic over. All your suggestions made me think further about possible causes, and when an HP systems check failed to complete in eight hours I then looked at the Nvidia Control Panel.

"Other applications control color settings"

Oh really, how come? Well, howsabout if I let Nvidia control its own business - then I can rack up the brightness, maybe.

And so it was.

Which other software might have been controlling the brightness I don't know, nor why the brightness should suddenly have taken an overnight dive. But one click brought it back to life.

Many thanks for all your thoughts !!
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