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Miscellaneous Pentax Items


Link Posted 19/10/2007 - 11:19

We have a few items left in the PU Office which are mostly discontinued.

39496 Battery Charger Kit K-BC2E - Box is slightly damaged but Charger Kit is in full working order. Usually 40, will accept 20.

39536 USB Cable I-USB2 - Again box is slightly damaged but in perfect working order. Usually 7 each, will accept 3.50 each. (Not for K10D)

30283 Pentax Correction Lens Adapter-M - 10

30721 Pentax SMC Correction Lens Adapter (-5DP) - 8

????? Pentax 6x7 Correction Lens (-1 & -4DP) - 8

37393 Winder MX Remote Trigger Socket Cap - 8

Pentax 645 Focusing Screen UA-21 (Matte Field and split-image spot) - 25

Pentax 645 Focusing Screen UB-21 (Matte Field and microprism spot) - 25

Get in touch if anything is of interest to you.



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