Metz "Potato Masher" Pro Flashes on Digital?


Link Posted 31/07/2013 - 20:54
now this might be a crazy idea but ever since I was a kid I have loved the big hammerhead flashes

I have been tinkering with strobist stuff on my K10D recently and would like a more powerful/flexible manual flash - which these certainly seem to be

But there are so many models and seemingly conflicting views about trigger voltages - so which ones are worth getting? Or should I be sensible and get a "normal" flashgun?


Peter Elgar

Link Posted 01/08/2013 - 02:58
I have two Metx 45CL3 -- one bought, one given and I use them with the Metz 'PENTAX' hot-show module and have no probs with them working. With the K10D it does not have 'TTL flash' though which is stupid, but they give TTL flash with my LX and MZ-5 .
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vic cross

Link Posted 01/08/2013 - 09:06
"Potato Masher" NO. "Hammer Head" YES. If you're going to look for these then why not look for the Pentax AF400T. AND if poss. the TR power pack to go with it. These are like hens teeth or even rocking horse droppings but if you can find them they are GREAT.
Now me being really nasty just to make you jealous. I've got 2 and wired together with a 280 on a holder makes a fantastic 3 flash set up.
I've had these since the days of my 645 and will not part with them for anything. Neither would any other owner, that's why they are so rare to find but if you can find one GO FOR IT they're worth it.
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Link Posted 01/08/2013 - 13:39
Well, I've had a hulking great Metz 50MZ5 for quite some time.
It's a brute of a flash - enough to temporarily blind you - but the weight is too much for me.

It's been stuck on a shelf for a couple of years, but is in good condition with the Lumiquest bounce, Stofen, and a couple of NiMH batteries besides. Full digital, GN70. Manual and "A" mode with the current dSLRs (though it does TTL too for film).

It could do with a new home...

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Link Posted 01/08/2013 - 15:26
thanks Matt - sounds like a wonderful piece of kit

unless you were open to a silly offer I doubt I could afford it (alas). One of the reasons for looking to Hammerheads is they seem very unpopular used, often do manual to 1/128 and sometimes the prices are just crazy cheap


Link Posted 01/08/2013 - 15:36
When im covering red carpets i use a youngnou 560 mkii and one of these brackets


Maybe cheaper and easier than trying to get a hammerhead flash
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