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Link Posted 14/04/2011 - 18:38
A friend of mine got me a copy of this documentary on DVD as he thought I may be interested.

Too right I am.
What a remarkable story. If you did not hear about it go here and just read it.
It is one of the most amazing stories of becoming a photographer I have ever heard. Specially considering what this guy went through and then was dumped without any medical help back in to society because he had no adequate health insurance (he is American) to have any after treatment.

Further down is an official link to his site with some stunning pictures he took. He even used an old broken Asahi Pentax (I believe it is a Spotmatic , but could not make that one out) when he was doing still film.

This Documentary is worth every minute it runs. I could happily watched double the length without having a single boring minute.

It also explains a bit how Art Galleries looking for and how they judge a photographer and his work.

I sincerely believe that this documentary is a MUST SEE for every photographer, from budding Amateur to Pro.
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