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All K5, with Pentax SMC-M 50mm f1.7 reversed onto SMC-M 200mm f4.
Mounted on Auto Bellows M, closed down to the minimum extension, about 30mm.
Pentax AF280T Hotshoe mounted flash, home-made white paper diffuser,
Stopped down, manually for each shot, to f16 on the 50mm, for the majority of the shots but to f5.6 for the Picture-Winged Fly portrait.
Focussed via a 1 millimetre printed graduated strip, wrapped round the focus "barrel" of the 200.
Used in conjunction with a pointer-pin, mounted with blue-tack on the non-rotating mount of the lens.
Thus the stacks are focussed moving the 200 "forward" by increments of 1 mm on the barrel.
All about 10-15 shots, stacked in Combine ZP.

I had all the above kit already, apart from the Reverse Adaptor, which was about a tenner, inc postage!
Love in a mist flower stamen.

Biro Ball.

The wingspots on a Wall Brown butterfly.

Picture-Winged Fly Portrait.

Picture-Winged Fly Head & Shoulders.

Pretty fiddly, but good fun fiddling around on a wet, cold, early summer Sunday!

Thanks for looking, hope you like them & any thoughts more than welcome!

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Excellent set, interesting setup too, I've yet to venture into the reversed route properly, I think I might have tried it a few years ago once or twice. You've certainly gotten fantastic results from it.
Great shooting
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This is what I like about macro - getting into the deep detail. As Roger says, it can be a bit fiddly but when you get results like these, it all seems worth it. Thanks for sharing them Roger. The fly's eyes are amazing.
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Impressive preparation and results.
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