London camera exchange.


Link Posted 05/12/2017 - 09:59
Yes LCE used to to be good for secondhand Pentax kit ...I had a look on there website just now ,and there is only 6 pages of used Pentax stuff, a K1 , and in the Guildford store a 560mmDA f5.6 lens ....i bit out of my price range , sadly .....


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SRS Microsystems in Watford, good Pentax stockist and dedicated brand sales staff, they sold me a K1 earlier in the year and I must say their staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and always give great deals, can't recommend them enough!


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I was sad to discover that the Worcester LCE shop, my closest camera shop, stopped stocking Pentax. Now I only really have one option and that is travelling to Watford. LCE basically handed all my business back to SRS on a silver platter.

Can't ever fault SRS. Was nice to be able to pick stuff up same day from LCE if I needed it though...


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Clifton Camera's in Dursley would be closer if your driving down, a few miles off the M5.

But both SRS and Clifton are very good and I have used both loads of times, mostly collected but occasionally mail-order

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The most second hand Pentax stock online in my experience tends to be with ffordes by some distance.

Not the same as seeing it in the flesh though. Luckily I live in York and we have the excellent York Camera Mart


Link Posted 06/03/2018 - 19:54
I have had a pentax k50 just returned after 4 months while awaiting a repair.I at first asked if they could help with the costs as the same problem occurred with the k30,aperture block.
They never got back to me at all.The call centre staff tried their best to get an answer from the main centre,but nothing came back.This problem is well known to Pentax,the cameras should have been recalled.
I have always been loyal to them and I am worried that they might stop the slr range,or support for some of the cameras.
Another thing is the lack of independent lenses.I have a Tamron 2.8 70-210,and have a 5 year guarantee.But they appear to be making fewer lenses for Pentax.When I did decide to pay the repair myself Jouhnsons had it done very quickly.


Link Posted 06/03/2018 - 22:32
w.r.t. the K-30/K-50/K-70 (? w.r.t the latter) aperture block problem (it's not an issue - it's a real problem!)

Hoping I can persuade a UK repairer to offer a solution for all in this country (will happy be to go over "there" and talk directly to them - it's only a few miles away!) - and see if I can persuade them to "take it on", on the basis that it would be a "very good business opportunity" (even if Ricoh/Pentax don't see that )! - have already asked them the question about my K-30, and hope they can help. Will report on progress.
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