Little Owls


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Was out this morning for sunrise, but there wasn't much going on. Too clear, could have done with some colourful clouds. So, I din't have ny 560mm with me. Nor did I have the K3 as I prefer the dynamic range of the K5iis for sunrises.

So, armed with my K5iis, DA 300, ans 1.4x convertor, I headed to South Shields where there are Little Owls. Very surprised to see these taking something as big as a rat. They normally eat worms, and insects, although I know they take the odd rodent.

Anyway, these are big crops but I thought I'd share.

Little Owl before Breakfast by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

Two out of three in the picture by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

Little Owl and Breakfast 1 of 3 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

Little Owl and Breakfast 2 of 3 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr

Little Owl and Breakfast 3 of 3 by Alan Wennington, on Flickr



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Delightful. We saw similar daily mid morning and afternoon in Lesvos, Greece last year. They look to be the same colouring. I only had my 55 - 300mm on my K5 then. Now I have my K3, 300 F4 and tele adapter I'd expect more. No end to this wanting bigger lenses without cropping eh?
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Good grief!

What is it with you and photographing things been eaten? you'll be getting yourself banned from another North East group if you are not careful Alan

Great set as always - do me a favor- just once - post a really bad shot of a seagull eating a chip or something will you

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Thanks Bill and Carl for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated



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Great set Alan.

The size of the owl it should be fed for the week now!
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Brilliant. thanks for sharing.


Link Posted 14/08/2015 - 10:07
Lovely shots, Alan, of a lovely bird. It wouldn't need to eat again for a week after that rat!


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Thanks again guy. Much appreciated. Been back today with my big gun, but as is the way of things, they didn't put on the same level of performance



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Great job finding these and capturing them Alan. You've grabbed some good angles and action.
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Terrific Alan, as ever. I'd happily swap a few of our local parakeets for a little owl or two...


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Very good. The eyes have it.

Best regards


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Thanks guys. Very much appreciated



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Thank you for sharing these lovely images - could it still fly after that?
I wonder what Carl would say if you photographed what happens a short time after they've digested it
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