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I'll apologise in advance if this topic has been done to death, but I'd be really grateful for some advice. I've just invested in Lightroom 3 and so I'm new to finding my way around it. Already I like it but I need to learn more. I recently went on a course where people were saying how great Lightroom is but that they also use Photoshop. Am I right in thinking Lightroom is limited in being able remove things you don't want in a picture (aside from cropping of course) or adding more depth to a sky for example and this is where you need Photoshop? If so, would Elements be sufficient?

Any advice that won't scare me technically would be most appreciated



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I use Lightroom 3, and the only time I ever need to go into Photoshop is for extensive cloning/healing work, and that's only because the cloning and healing tools in Photoshop are easier to use. You can do all the same stuff in Lightroom, it's just more of a hassle (as the Lightroom tool only does spots of various sizes, you can't 'brush' with it like you can in PS).
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Thanks Tim, that makes sense as I was struggling a bit with the Lightroom cloning/healing tool because of just what you say. That's good then, I haven't invested in the wrong piece of software!!


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A fair few people on here find that Photoshop Elements is a sufficient complement to Lightroom, as it has the necessary features for most photo-editing tasks. I only use Lightroom at the moment though so I can't offer any personal advice on that.


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The major editing tool is Photoshop, which is really all that anybody needs, as opposed to wants!

Lightroom is not really a competitor to PS, more of an additional tool for those who need it.
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i am an lr3 user, and am generally happy with it.

photoshop offers much more than just more advanced healing and cloning. the ability to work with layers and do localised adjustments is much more advanced, and layering and stitching is possible. so hdr and panorama stuff becomes much easier.

the new version of elements is looking like a very good complement to lr3.

BUT, as said by others, lr3 is what i use for about 95% of my work. the odd trip to viveza is sometimes called for (wondrous piece of software, but expensive).
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Has anyone trialed the LR/Enfuse plugin?


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Lightroom plus elements should be all you really need.... (ps elements usually comes bundled with wacom graphics tablets which is something else you'll love to have for photo editing).
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johnriley wrote:
The major editing tool is Photoshop, which is really all that anybody needs, as opposed to wants!

Lightroom is not really a competitor to PS, more of an additional tool for those who need it.

For my use I would say PS is an additional tool to LR

LR is my photo cataloguing and management system, and I only go into deeper editing rarely or when cleaning up scanned 35mm negs. I don't use PS for that I use photopaint, simply because that's what I've always used for the last 13 years.
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Thanks so much for your input here. It's all really helpful - understanding how LR and PS Elements can work together etc.


Link Posted 18/10/2010 - 20:03
I also use LR + PSE. Save yourself some money, buy a legit copy of version 6 for around 15, then download the action to allow layer masks (the only useful thing from V9 missing - google it!) That's all you need!



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I use Lightroom 3 and PS Elements. If I really had to I could do everything with Elements, can't say the same about Lightroom.
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I use Lightroom 3, and have PSE 8 as well : Lightroom does 99% of what I need, easily and intuitively. PSE makes me want to punch the computer every time I touch it. The full version of PS (CS5) is better, but its a huge expense just for the "Content Aware" tool (which is stunningly impressive though...)
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PSE9 has the content aware tool too .
And is a lot cheaper than full PS.

I use PSE6 at the mo, which does all I want. I will upgrade to PSE9 shortly, mainly for the ACR upgrades for the K5 when they arrive, and proper layer masks.

Attractive as LR3 is I can't afford it and PSE9, and so PSE 9 is my choice.

Many many people use LR and PSE together though.


Link Posted 19/10/2010 - 12:27
Gwyn - you can have layer masks in PSE6! I have downloaded an open source action from one of the community boards, which you run as an effect on the layer and then you have a normal layer mask.


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