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Hi all,

I use Lightroom software to process and edit my RAW images. I usually only view my resultant JPEGs on my desktop HD screen and whilst they look OK I noticed yesterday that when zooming in, the JPEGs show symptoms of oversharpening.

My default parameters are :

Amount = 90, Radius 0.6, Detail 55, Masking 20

I would be interested to hear what others use as defaults, particularly those of you who favour pin-sharp outputs, as is my preference.

Many thanks
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I would tend to mask a lot more than that otherwise you tend to sharpen the whole image rather than the main areas in focus. I generally mask 80% or more. I've also tended to leave detail at the default 25 and use a slightly higher radius nearer to 1.

The K3 and K5iis will need very little sharpening if any.

Hold the 'alt' key down whilst masking to see the effect its having.


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I rarely up the sharpening beyond 35, and use a radius around 1.

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I find somewhere in the range 30-35-40 is usually enough, radius 1.


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So resume:

Amouunt = 30 - 40
Radius = 1
Mask = 80
Detail = 25

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