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I am reasonably new to photography even though I have owned a pentax camera for some time.
I am thinking of buying a Pentax K5 DSLR. At this stage I cannot afford new lens. I have a Tamron AF90-300mm F/4.5-5.6 model 62D lens and a
Sigma 28-80mm F3.5 - 5.6 am.mf lens but no model number.
I have been told the lens will mount but I need to find out will the auto lens work, will the light meter register.

Someone sent me the following by email
Worst case scenarios: the light meter will not work with one or both lenses. You would then have to replace the lens or lenses. Another possibility is that the light meter will work fine but the autofocus doesn't work. In that case you could still use manual focus. Last would be that the light meter works fine and the autofocus works but autofocus is slow. Otherwise one or both lenses might work perfectly.

Has anyone used the PentaxK5 with the lens I have and what was your experience with it.


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The Tamron will work with the K5, and the Sigma should do the same, I presume you have been using them on a Pentax MZ or similar.

It would help if you stated what Camera you were using them on.

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I was previously using them on aPentax Z-70. Thanks for your help. The K5 will be my first digital camera.


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I use m42 and k mount manual focus lenses with both my k5 and k10a s well as af versions.

For m42 the camera meters very well in av mode and also provides focus confirmation once the central point is in focus.

With mf kmount lenses I have to use the maual setting on the dial and press the green button to activate the metering.

Pentax SLR's are well renowned for their backwards compatability with lenses so, although I don't have the lenses you do I suspect that they will work fine.

THe af lens should be no issue and the mf ones as mentioned above.

Hope this helps

My flickr page has many examples of mf lenses in use if you want to take a peek


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Thanks so much. This did help a lot and I took a look at your photos. Love the birds and insects ones.They were all very good.


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Thank you
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