Lens cleaning wipes in Lidl


Link Posted 12/02/2015 - 21:55
Cheap as chips and as good as 20 times more expensive Hama wipes I had before.
(don't buy Aldi ones in yellow / blue box, them was terrible).


Link Posted 12/02/2015 - 22:19
I've got some beside me as I type this...my wife uses them for her glasses
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Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 00:25
I shall be parked next to Lidl on Monday - Thank you.
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Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 08:27
these get very good reviews.
are these one of their specials, or one of their regular stock items?


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 11:04
W5 is Lidl's own brand and they usually have the wipes. If not we buy the ones Home Bargains have boxed for them. Much better than regular lens cloths which once used are pretty suspect.


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 13:14
I use these on my spectacles all the time - never occurred to me to try them on lenses

I've always shy'ed away from wipes, and stuck to soft cloths, blower brushes and lens pens if required!


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 13:37
ive just been and got some....I think they were 1.29 for a box of 50, individually wrapped.
I haven't used on a lens yet, I will just put a few in my bag for whenever I need them. just to test, I used one on my phone, and one my 10 incher, er, tablet that is!! Worked great, completely clean and streak free.
I also bought a couple of very fine, soft, microfibre cloths, sort of lime green colour, again 1.29 for pack of two. I was going to cut one into 4, and put them in small sealed bags, and just leave in my bag. 8 lens cleaning cloths for 1.29 cant be bad either.


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 14:18
I would be very careful, the chemicals on some of these 'wipes' can permanently damage the delicate lens coatings ( I'm speaking from personal experience)
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Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 15:49
Fair point, but I can vouch for the W5 ones from Lidl that are fine on my photographic gear as well as my expensive transition coated plastic Nikon specs. I had Pentax spec lenses until i found that it was branding not a guarantee of Hoya manufacture. I leave the front of my camera lenses alone as much as possible though and blow dust off if that is all it is. Sticky pollen in summer and Saharan/Middle Eastern dust are my worst enemies especially when abroad.

michaelblue wrote:
I would be very careful, the chemicals on some of these 'wipes' can permanently damage the delicate lens coatings ( I'm speaking from personal experience)


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 22:49
I've been using these on glasses for a couple of years and they are great. I've been nervous about them on lenses though. By the smell I think they are IPA based (not the beer, Iso Propyl Alcohol) but not found them good on LCD monitor or TV screens.


Link Posted 13/02/2015 - 23:31
I wouldn't use any impregnated wipes on my lenses. The only thing I do use is a microfibre cloth and even that very rarely.
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Link Posted 14/02/2015 - 01:41
Most of mine have daylight filters on them - it's these that need cleaning now and then.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Link Posted 14/02/2015 - 08:05
I use cheap filters on all of my lenses but struggled whilst using the MX-1 abroad. I had no wipes, brushes or blowers and the lens became covered in dust and grease. I also missed being able to fit a lens hood.
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Link Posted 15/02/2015 - 23:24
It does say on the box "not suitable for led screens"


Link Posted 15/02/2015 - 23:56
I use warm tap water on kitchen towel for my Dell IPS LED Monitor. They don't respond well to anything much else.

I've never had any issue with the plastic cover on my camera screen. If wipes are designed for delicate eye spectacles with their anti reflective coatings and transition coatings I think fine (sparingly) for my camera gear.

One thing my opticians advised was NEVER use normal face tissues to clean lenses as they are surprisingly abrasive.

Common sense all rounf I think. Pollen, tree sap and airborne dust are the enemy of all outdoor photogrpahers. Good camera/lens bags and lens caps are the best help when not taking photos don't you all think?
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