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Link Posted 17/10/2011 - 07:32
Saturday I did another wedding. Big pressure, even after making sure they understand that as an amateur they may end up with nothing but their mates iphone snaps to record the day. This time it was a Kx/K5 affair. I mainly used a Sigma 18-125 HSM on the K5 for hush value, but actually the Kx and DFA 100 in the church was not as intrusive as I thought. Problems I had were really down to using hotshoe flash (which I was avoiding as much as possible). I think I should have just stuck with ambient light, high ISO and the pop-up flash if really needed for fill in. I know it has been done to death, but I cannot believe how much you can recover from a really bad shot, the K5 is so forgiving:
flash failure:


Anyway, very happy with the K5, it did all the things I asked of it. But then, so did the Kx, I have done a Kx wedding before (with EPL1) and it was fine as well. I just need to either give in and trust the ISO of the K5 or get to grips with flash!
Quick pics on picasa


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Hello, an amazing recovery! I wouldn't have the nerve to shoot a wedding and would no doubt get myself shot. Seriously good to see what can be recovered from what initially looks beyond hope.

I'm especially impressed with the shots you shared via the link which had the bright blue sky as the background. I struggle to get good shots in such situations so I can only think you have mastered the fill in flash or have found an excellent way of recovering in PP.
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Thanks, no fill flash on the ones outside though. All PP (apart from the really dark shot) were done with 'auto contrast' and a bit of fill using picasa. One of the bridesmaids is doing all the proper editing as a wedding gift, she wanted to do the whole thing, but had other duties Don't be too impressed either, your Kx will perform nearly equal miracles, for an 'entry level' dslr it really shows how things have moved on and what can be achieved. I was going to sell mine after this event, now I am not sure....


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lets see a bigger picture.


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Larger pictures on the Picasa link.

I hesitate to bring it up, but the pictures in general look quite noisy with compression artefacts, a little phone-cam like. There are also burnt highlights galore. You sure you didn't revert to using the iphone?


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Pentaxophile wrote:
...but the pictures in general look quite noisy with compression artefacts...

Too much compression before uploading to the web will do that to any photo regardless of how spectacular and amazing the original might look. Hopefully these super compressed versions is not what the wedding couple are actually getting.

As for burnt highlight, that picassa link isn't even working for me so I can't see!
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I know absolutely nothing about weddings and to be honest the last one I went to (a few weeks ago) I didn't even take my camera but (imo) I would say probably 90% of those on Picasa need some fill flash.
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I think you did very well for an amateur. The lighting may not be perfect, but the whole series presents a nice remembrance of the happy occassion.
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If I'd shot a wedding, I'd be very happy with results like that. So much potential for disaster! I think you did very well
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