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Kodak Said to Weigh Bankruptcy Filing to Spur Sale of Patents
By Jonathan Keehner and Jeffrey McCracken - Oct 1, 2011 5:01 AM GMT

Eastman Kodak Co. (EK), the unprofitable 131-year-old camera maker, is weighing options including a bankruptcy filing because of concerns raised by possible buyers of its patent portfolio, said three people with direct knowledge of the process.

Some potential bidders for the patents are wary of proceeding because a purchase may amount to a so-called fraudulent transfer if Kodak is insolvent, said the people, who asked not to be named because the talks are private. Kodak confirmed that it hired Jones Day to advise it on considering options and said it doesn’t plan to seek bankruptcy protection.

“As we sit here today, the company has no intention of filing, and there is no change in our strategy to monetize our intellectual property,” Gerard Meuchner, a spokesman for Kodak, said yesterday. “We’re not concerned about fraudulent conveyance in regards to the sale of our IP portfolio.”

The company will make a $14 million coupon payment due today, he said. Meuchner declined to comment on whether the company had discussed a potential filing with law firms, saying that Kodak is “focused on the fourth quarter and on delivering on our strategy to become a profitable, sustainable digital company.”

A number of suitors, such as Google Inc., have signed confidentiality agreements to examine the assets, said the people. If a sale was judged fraudulent, creditors may sue for more money, said one of the people. A bankruptcy filing may help clear the way for a patent sale, said the people. The sale could fetch about $3 billion, MDB Capital Group estimates.
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. . .Kodak plunged 91 cents, or 54 percent, to 78 cents a share yesterday in New York Stock Exchange composite trading, the biggest drop since at least 1974. Trading was halted four times by circuit breakers introduced following the May 6, 2010, crash to prevent losses in one security from spreading throughout the stock market.

The cost to protect Kodak’s debt from default jumped. Credit-default swaps linked to the company rose 4 percentage points to 66.5 percent upfront, according to data provider CMA. That means investors would pay $6.65 million initially and $500,000 annually to protect $10 million of Kodak’s debt for five years.

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That could effect the Lifetime Guarantee on my DVD-R's
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great sadness i work there for 40 years


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Don't Kodak make the 645D sensor?


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yes,i think kodak make the ccd for 645d,,i work on making film ,i remember the first kodak digatal camera 1.3 mb a long time ago.


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redbug wrote:
great sadness i work there for 40 years

My brother also worked for Kodak for many years...


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It's probably more accurate to say that a factory contracted to Kodak makes the 645D sensor. I'd imagine Pentax will be able to negotiate for the design and tooling in order to continue production.

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I always wondered why they stuck with the "EasyShare" brand for so long. It's one of the most bland, uninspiring brand names I can think of. In these days of instant printing direct from your compact camera and camera software with built in facebook connectivity etc. being offered by many other manufacturers it does nothing to distinguish Kodak from the crowd, either.
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I haven't looked at a Kodak compact for a long time so just had a look on Amazon and can only say no wonder. I wouldn't want to own any of those cameras, for the same price you could own a canikon or even a Pentax compact which looks far more stylish than any of those offered by Kodak. Most digital compacts are the same now so it basically comes down to style & in brand favour, which usually means marketing spend & I cannot remember the last time I saw a Kodak advert...
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I would also worry about Polaroid TBH.

They made a creditable effort to redesign instant printing for the digital age with the POGO range, the snags are that the battery life on the printer is terrible (it will self-discharge within 24hrs with the printer switched off, or at least the two I've used were like this) and apparently the camera's image quality is dire (one review mentioned getting better results when they printed images from another camera on the Polaroid's built-in printer than the Polaroid itself could manage!)

There seem to be a number of old names struggling to adapt and keep up. Kodak, to me, seem a bit lost. They dumped Kodachrome (one of their best-known and loved products) and don't appear to be able to keep up with the sheer number of non-photographic companies now offering devices with cameras (such as Nokia, Apple, etc). I know a fair number of people who just use their phone as a compact camera now rather than actually buying a separate device.

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They also make or at least brand a range of printers for which they claim to have the least expensive ink of any maker.

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Very good printers they are too. Mine produces acceptable photo prints if you use their branded paper.
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