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Taken on the KP f11, 350th sec, ISO 280, DA*300 (IF) ED SDM F4
I have been learning how to add a copyright signature in GIMP on Linux, what a palaver, so tried Windows and it succeeded in a fraction of the time (still prefer Linux).
No Post processing. Any helpful criticism welcome, especially on the copyright malarkey.
My first upload to the gallery BTW.


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Fine bird, nicely posed, good photo. Nice to see a kestrel that's perched rather than hovering.

Seems to be some noise in the blue sky, should be easy to remove. And personally, I prefer not having copyright info in the picture itself as it's a visual distraction - and wouldn't be difficult to clone out against that sky! Hopefully that counts as 'helpful criticism'.



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Lovely capture - my only bit of helpful criticism......

...more please


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Both problems above solved at once with Faststone Image Viewer. It's a first class editor minus the hooters, bells and whistles that complicate the posh editors. And it's free. The add text option gives fully editable any colour, font, size or opacity and the noise reducing facility is quite stunning. I don't use anything else. I can't see the point.
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I took the liberty of editing your image slightly .....

Fantastic shot, by the way!
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Thanks guys for the replies.

The only time I ‘saw noise’ was a long time ago with an oscilloscope, my eyes are old and not as good as they were, so on an old laptop I can’t see the difference in the two shots Lol. David, I shall at some point have a look at Faststone but at the moment it’s not on the Linux Mint ‘safe’ repository, not a problem but a later project.

In Rawtherapee I had used the Noise reduction button and sometimes seen a slight difference on a particular grainy shot. I had struggled with changing the opacity of the copyright using Gimp too.

BTW, I haven’t checked but I wonder how much file size is saved by removing exif data? I use gimp to shrink image size for the forum and click ‘remove exif’.

I'm old school so I tend to just snap away and Post Processing is alien to me......

Still learning…...


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I think the above edit by David is not to show noise reduction, but to show the text added?

I'm surprised by the noise level if it's shot at ISO 280. Is it a large crop? If so, this would explain the noise. I find the KP to be a very capable camera that doesn't exhibit much image noise, even at pretty high ISO's.

The image is very nice, although I do have a bit of a pet hate of bird shots against the background of just a sky. This is why I don't post many bird images, I only feel happy with them if they are shot at eye level and have a nice diffused (non-sky) background. I appreciate this is extremely difficult with a Kestrel, but to get exceptional images of wild birds requires a lot of skill, time and patience.

Keep at it, you've got a great combination with the DA*300 and a KP, you should get some stunning shots.


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David, yes it was cropped, but don't know how much, thanks for the help and tips, much appreciated.


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davidstorm wrote:
I only feel happy with them if they are shot at eye level and have a nice diffused (non-sky) background.

+0.5 !

For me, the background should reflect the type of bird. So sky as background for this kestrel is OK for me because I think of kestrels as birds of the sky. Similarly for swifts and skylarks. Woodland birds, water birds etc. benefit from other backgrounds. That's just the way I think of things, though, others may think differently. And, of course, there are always exceptions.

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