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So having spent years being quite delighted my k30 has never had the dreaded you know what happen to it, it's not happened.

And badly.

I've been quoted 180 gbp for a repair (and service) so at that price I'm inclined to buy a second hand k70 instead.

That is though subject to Pentax having sorted the issue by the time they got to the k70.

So the question is, can anybody say with confidence that the systemic failure of the k30 and k50 was resolved by the time they got to the k70?

Thanks in advance

Ps doubt I'll be buying just yet. Will wait for the new apsc and look to get the k70 then.


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Sorry to hear your camera has succumbed. I mainly use my K-S2 which I have seen a few cases reported but not many. At the back of ones mind there is always that slight worry.
I think the only people that can answer that question with true knowledge are Ricoh/Pentax themselves and I suspect they would be very tight lipped on the subject.
It will be interesting to see if anyone reports the issue with the K70

I would have thought that unless you have taken vast numbers of images with your K30 it would be worth the 180 to get it fixed, unless you fancy a newer camera
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I'm thinking if I could get a reliable alternative, I'd probably happily spend an extra 100 or so to upgrade.

The chap in the shop said he hadn't had any K70s come back, and they're a Pentax dealer (and trustworthy) but that doesn't solve the riddle of course!

My k30 is in good nick and I don't use it a lot, so if the k70 shares the same part, I'd probably favour the repair and service.....

..... Or a k3!!


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Send it over to me, I'll sort it out ;P


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Check your PM's Dan


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HarisF1 wrote:
Send it over to me, I'll sort it out ;P

Yep, I use the aperture horseshoe modification method. I've sorted six so far (K-30/K-50). My brother's K-30 is still running fine after two years.
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