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hi all does anyone know how much it costs to have a sensor/inside of camera cleaned at a pro centre? i had it cleaned at jessops 2 mths ago it cost me 50 and its worse than ever with 2 hairs inside.would it be cheaper to get a k50 body only? thanks


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It really doesn't need cleaning at a pro centre, it's easy to do it yourself with a bit of planning and care. First thing to try would be a rocket blower to remove the hairs. If this doesn't do the trick, get some Pecpads and make swabs with lollipop sitcks squared off at the end, wrap the pad around the end so it has some thickness and very lightly dampen (not wet) with ispropyl alcohol. Wipe across the sensor, ensuring you cover all of it, be firm but not rough, ensure no streaks are left (if it too wet it will leave streaks).

I'm sure this will have lit the blue touchpaper with several people on here, but it really is down to a bit of common sense and care. I have never damaged any of my sensors.


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Why not clean your sensor yourself? Cheaper and really quite simple if you follow instructions

I always obtain my cleaning kits from: Just Limited, The Old Shop, Hook, Swindon, SN4 EA.

Or, if you go on their web site (www.cameraclean.co.uk) you can look up the correct kit for your camera before ordering.
I would suggest you purchase a kit that includes a blower bulb as well...


To add to David's comments - I have four Pentax DSLRs and I clean them fairly regularly, and in the case of my K10, over a period of some four years - with no problems at all. JUST follow the instructions exactly!
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I've tried cleaning and jessops have both haven't worked.


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Might be worth clarifying.

Are the hairs seen on the image, or is it seen through the viewfinder?
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There through the view finder


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Sounds like the debris is on the viewfinder screen, if they are not seen on the image.

The screen is up above the mirror, at the bottom of the pentaprism. If the image is OK then why worry? You may find it will just clear on its own. You may find a blast with the blower brush, up around the focusing screen clears it. Only problem is, it may get some where worse inside your camera.

Not sure if the screen is removable or not on the k500. If it is. it's fairly easy to clean after removing it from the camera. Needs a steady hand and tweezers. There are videos on the web showing how to do this if it is easy to remove.

If the K500 does not have changeable screens, it would have to be done at a service and will probably cost.


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Thanks I think it's had it the dust removal comes on now when I switch it on. Doesn't sound healthy.


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Pjy123 wrote:
Thanks I think it's had it the dust removal comes on now when I switch it on. Doesn't sound healthy.

When you say 'the dust removal comes on when switched on', do you mean it does a flutter as you switch on or the mirror flips up and stays up?


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Certainly on the K7 /K5 series it is an option to have the DR activate at every switch-on. If the K500 offers this then a reset may have restored this default. It sounds normal enough to me.

It seems like you have got a bit 'spooked' out with your camera and are looking for a good excuse to buy a new one
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no i like my pentax,ive sorted out the dust removal now thanks just left with loads of debris in the view finder its not affecting my pics its just annoying! may buy another brand anyway.thanks for your help


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The viewfinder on my K30 is mucky I just ignore it, Most dslr cameras will get dust and crap in the view finder my mate has a single bit of dust in his Nikon D7000 and it drove him round the bend until I showed him mine,I could take out the screen and clean it or even replace it as I have a spare one but it would probably be just as bad after a couple of months.As long as my sensor and lenses are clean that's all that matters to me.
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