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I'm fairly new to DSLRs and the K5 is my first one. While doing some general handheld picture taking, the mirror lockup function activated. From reading the manual I think I would have had to have button pressed six times to make this happen... if it was my mistake. Am I correct in this assumption? Is there a quicker way of activating mirror-lockup that I've missed or is this a known K5 problem? I didn't get out of mirror lockup until I came home, read the manual and switched the relevent memory option off as per page 312 of the manual.

I've tried a google search for the problem but so far haven't locked on to it. Can anyone shed some light on the problem, if it is a problem and not me being stupid, or give me a link.

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If you really mean MUP mode, then as you say, it's pretty hard to select accidentally.

You hadn't saved MUP as one of the user modes, and switched to that, by any chance?

Or switched to 2s delay? That's pretty hard to do accidentally too, of course.

If it just happened randomly, while you were taking ordinary pictures, then it sounds highly suspect to me.

The first thing to do when the camera does something really weird like that, is remove the battery. If that cures it, you can at least proceed, but if it recurs often, or if removing the battery doesn't cure it, then it's a trip to the camera doctor, I'd think.
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I have just, in the last thirty minutes had the same problem! The shutter ceased working on my brand new K5 and it wasn't till I spotted the little M.Up in the top display the I realised what was happening.
The point being that I have only taken about 70 shots with the camera ( without any problems) and I had not been in that particular menu. So how did the mirror up option suddenly come to be enabled??


The other effect of this was that the shake reduction function was disabled and 'greyed out' in the main menu - which had me puzzled and a bit worried.
However everything seems to be back to normal now. ...............Nearly.. Now the ISO is stubbornly set at 3200 in spite of me setting the Auto range to 100-800

Perhaps I should not have up-dated the firmware to v.1.11
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Yes, I really mean MUP mode. I could still take pics, just meant that I had to press twice instead of the usual once. Whether it will happen again or not I've yet to see but at least now I've changed the setting so that switching on and off should deactivate it.
I didn't notice whether or not it had any effect on shake reduction, but mine is back to normal at the moment as well.
K5 + 18-135mm kit lens
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