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Link Posted 13/12/2014 - 19:02
So, I couldn't resist. Bought myself a K5 IIs. Tried it out at Cullercoats this morning. Unfortunately there weren't any clouds, but tried to make the best of what was there. All C&C most welcome.

First two are very similar. Which do you prefer. I can't make my mind up. They were consecutive bracketed exposures



Then we have a few more



The last just shows when I got soaked




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Lucky chap. A wonderful camera. You've already made good use of it, I see. For what it's worth, no.4 is my favourite.
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I know i shouldent laugh but it was worth you getting soaked for no5

i like the way the sun is reflecting in the buildings in the top right and the sheen on the water as it comes over the corsway

briliant shot

regards stu


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All good, Alan, but then any other outcome would have been a surprise.

I very nearly bought another K-5 IIs when B&H was all but giving them away a couple of weeks ago, but they'd all gone by the time I finally made up my mind. Then Amazon France slashed K-3 prices and that arrived a few hours ago. It's yet to leave its box, but I doubt my first endeavours will be anywhere near as good as these. I'm about to check the Met Office website to see where I might find some good light tomorrow...

Of the first two, I prefer the second. The horizon might be slightly burnt out in the centre, but as a consequence it's more colourful and to my eye has a little more impact.


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I doubt I would have risked a brand new camera around all that splashing salty water, but I'm glad you did, Alan - the results are very pleasing. My preference would be for number 4, but in the format of number 3!



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#1 is my fave - then again, any first image on a new camera worthy of uploading is memorable. Have fun with the IIs, it's been my camera and I love it. - know you will too. - liked the softness of the dawn sky playing off the active, expanding, fog. T
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#1 for me too. The soft dawn light is just perfect. In #2 it's a bit blown I think.
Can we see #4 in a normal crop like the rest. I really like it, but am not sure of the crop.


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3 & 4 for me - as these are your first "out of the box", I'm tempted to put mine away and give up!

There are some crackers here that, not least show a) what a good eye can do; and b) what a superb camera the K-5iiS is (very glad that I've got one).

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great pics ... k5iis is a great camera ..... k-7 to me was good, k5 was better, but k5iis is best yet ...
haven't wanted the k3 .... k5iis is enough for my needs .... just better glass needed .. lets move on and develop /
evolve more quality glass .. ....

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The best of the bunch is No 4. But there are all good
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Lucky Guy
Nice camera and good results from a first time out. My preference is four but a pity the water wasn't going over the jetty as it is in five. Best go back again some time and really test the camera's and your water proofing.
Oh by the way I like the full set.
Regards David


Link Posted 13/12/2014 - 23:44
They are all very good sots Alan, I'm not going to try to pick a favourite. I'm sure you will more than do the K-5iis justice, I'm looking forward to seeing some wildlife shots with it.

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Aaaaand it's all over bar the shouting.

I was going to be very surprised had you not bought into this gem of a camera.

This set has your finger prints all over it Alan.

David Storm has already said he is looking forward to some wildlife shots, as am I. You will pull results out of this body that will more than justify the purchase.

I'm about to be out all day with my IIs and K3. It's gotten to the stage where I pre select glass and use based on the slightly different properties of both bodies.

Congratulations on the purchase and as far as the above images go, all up to your usual standard and not a single bin job in there.

Best regards


Link Posted 14/12/2014 - 09:36
Congrats on you early Christmas present ! I like them all but if I had to choose - No. 4. I like the reflected light in the house windows, balanced against the rising sun.

Best regards



Link Posted 14/12/2014 - 10:01
Thanks for all the feedback. All very much appreciated. I went back this morning hoping for a better sky. There was some cloud which can either make it more spectacular or a wash out. It was a washout. Never pressed the shutter button.

As requested, here is an alternative crop of #4

And another image


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