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Now, I have to Say I'm not that keen on HDR but I'd like to try it out. I'll start with the in Camera Jpeg version on the K5, so which is the best allaround setting to Start with other than "OFF"

I fully intend to end up doing it in RAW but for now and for speediness which settings do you find to offer the most pleasing/not over the top results?

Not Auto either I guess?
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As the Frog Said: "Reddit" I know the technicalities of HDR but just not where the K5 is concerned, and was really just wondering if the K5 can achieve good results out of the box using it's in Camera HDR jpegs? For my website/Sales I'll wait until I can use it properly, until then it was just for kicks...
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Good HDR is invisible as an effect.

I would take the shots and wait until on the computer to manipulate. Much more control; insanely larger screen.

That said, I almost never need it, and with the extended dynamic range of the K-5 it's likely even less necessary.
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I tried it at the low end and it was unnoticeable. Next time I give it a go I think I'll start with the strong option. I did find the "data processing" time a bit of a hindrance. I've programmed it in as one of my user options so its easier to find. I did do it without a tripod which is probably not the best of ideas.
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Frankie wrote:
I tried it at the low end and it was unnoticeable. Next time I give it a go I think I'll start with the strong option. I did find the "data processing" time a bit of a hindrance. I've programmed it in as one of my user options so its easier to find. I did do it without a tripod which is probably not the best of ideas.

As did I.
Not been a fan of HDR I decided to try it on minimal settings, results were not much different from a straight shot, the most irritating thing is having to trawl through the menu to disable RAW/+, enable HDR, then back through the menu to enable RAW or RAW+ again.
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Yeah I noticed that! Thought I'd bust it already! Same with the Sony A77 I had, they are enthusisats Camera's for fiddlers, so I can't understand why it cannot work when your shooting RAW+Jpeg too? Shoot the three Raws and leave em alone and then stitch/overlay the Jpeg giving you four shots, three RAW nad one Jpeg. I would'nt mind the extra wait either, switching about thru the Formats like that is a bit of a cludge, I'll likely just set the progammable button on the front for bracketing?
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I assume K5 offers at least the same features as the K20D (I am using). I agree with rparmar - good HDRs should not look like the typical HDRs with absolutely over the top usage of this effect. It takes a while to find a right level of effect - I do HDR a lot and some of my ictures might still be far over the top for amny here. BBut therefore I would also highly recommend not to rely on the capabilities of the built-in HDR features.
I would not be worried too much about the usage of JPEG - I do all my HDRs based on JPEG and I find other visual criteria far more important to achieve a good result - such as:
Low noise level (HDR kind of multiplies noise of the pictures) - should be not such an issue in K5 compared to K20D but as you need a tripod anyway, you can go for ISO 200 or 100.
Sharpness - always important but again, if you combine 3-5 pictures which are all not 100% in focus the resulting HDR will be really blur
1000% indentical crop - although HDR software gets better in compensating slight different orientations of the individual pictures, it is still very important to have the pictures as identical as possible - tripod is key and I would also recommend the usage of a remote control for the shutter.

The fact, that you can safe an individual user setting in Pentax DSLRs you get your camera easily in the mode to shoot the series for your HDR: I work with the following settings: ISO: 200, series of 5 shots with the following EV: -3, -1.5, 0, +1,5, +3
For creating the HDRs I use Photomatix but I heard, that the HDR module of the NIK suite should also be very good.

Colors are the lack of darkness

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Thanks, Axel, I'd forgotten about the programmable settings, (Give me a break I haven't had a Pentax for a whole six months) So RAW it is then, I'll have a play with the set up options, I've dove straight into the thing without re-reading the manual as usual I was thinking I'd just remember it all from my last K5, alas my memory is not what it was...
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I've tried the in-camera HDR a few times but the results don't compare to what you can achieve by decent software such as Photomatix which offers much more customisation

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I have tried the K-5's in-camera HDR today on a fairly weak setting and it works pretty well. It is clearly not as effective as careful processing in Photomatix, but used on a low setting it looks natural and significantly increases dynamic range.

I agree with the comments above about careful use of HDR - the results should look real and natural - too many are over-processed and full of image noise.


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I've never tried HDR in the PC, only in the camera. I found it gave some pleasing results on my K-X, but last time I tried in my K-5, it produced a "halo" around some items in the image, especially where the sky-line met land or rooftops.

Have a look here.
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Cheers Guys, I've decided to go RAW but it's also evident that I may not need it that often judging by the DR I have available...AGAIN!
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The great thing about RAW is that you can alter the exposure, and not find that some of the data is missing, as happens with JPEG.

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