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I have the 18-135 lens. How do I go about setting the AF on the lens
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You just set the camera body to AF, there is no setting on the lens.
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Sorry John.

What I should have typed was how do I check the AF of the lens.
Pentax K5, Kx, DA15 ltd,18-135, 18-55, 50-200, M100 f4 macro, M135 f3.5 A28 F2.5


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Your title did reflect that, so my fault.

You can adjust the AF on some models such as the K20D, K-7 and K-5 but I never have. The image snaps into focus and I can see in the viewfinder it's focusing where I expect it to. The images when enlarged are also correctly focused.

I'm suggesting that if it looks sharp it is sharp, so don't worry about it unless you perceive a problem. If there is a problem you can fine tune using something as simple as a ruler at 45 degrees. You adjust the settings in the menu until the focusing point is exactly right, save the setting and the camera will remember the settings for up to 20 lenses,
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Standard viewfinders can only resolve down to about f/2.0 so you can't rely upon the viewfinder for correct focus in all cases.

Most of my lenses with my two K-5s and my ex K20D and K10D have required some AF adjustment.

From my own experience and reading the anecdotes of many snappers on many forums those who have never had to fine tune the AF are rare.

Using a ruler at 45 deg or anything, like a page of print is a good target to test on. I would check all your lenses, by snapping at max aperture and even if they require no adjustment then you have piece of mind
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Just to tie up your two threads, it seems you have doubts about the lens. It could be a rogue one, try and get it exchanged. The statutory distance selling regulations allow a cancellation period of 7 working days in which to withdraw from the contract. The lens doesn't have to be faulty for this to be effected but you believe it is. So get on to your supplier and advise them of your issue with this lens and see what they say

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