K5 - does it have hss


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Can anyone tell me if the K5 has High speed synch, I havent heard any mention of it. If it had this I think it would bring it up to par with the Nickons and canons. Maybe when the K3(lol) is released it will be one of the new features( by then Nikon and canon will have moved onto something else)




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IIRC, no.
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With the built-in flash: No
With 540 or 360 flash: Yes
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And other compatible flashes like Sigma and Metz.
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The K10D, K20D, K-7 and K-5 are all HSS capable with the right external flashguns.

www.Pentax.co.uk K-5 specifications page wrote:
X-Synchronization: Hot shoe, sync-speed: 1/180 sec., P-TTL, high-speed-sync, rear curtain sync, wireless-sync with PENTAX dedicated flash.

Full spec here: http://www.pentax.co.uk/en/digital-slr/specifications/pentax-k5.html

Some of us consider the Pentax offerings to have at least been 'on a par' with Canon's and Nikon's for some time...

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Pentax was ahead of Canon in the flash area. Canon is just starting to implement wireless flash controlled with the on-board flash on it's camera. Before, you needed an extra module on the camera hot shoe to control wireless flashes.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)
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