K20D rear dial erratic


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Hi, My name is mark and I have just joined PENTAX User.

I have had the K20D for a few years and now the rear dial is acting very erratically in manual mode. I try to set the f stop and it goes in any direction it chooses. For example I'm trying to set f 8.0 but the stops jump from 9.0 to 22 back to 11 back up to 22. It's all over the place. What can I do? I have the latest firmware v 1.04 installed.
Thanks for your help, Mark


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JPS are the official Pentax repair house, but there are others who might be able to help you.

Asahi Photo and Harrow Technical spring to mind.
Best regards, John


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Hi John, Thanks for the information. I'm British, from Cardiff, but I live in Colombia, South America and here I think it's very difficult to find a company that could repair it. I'm planning to travel to Britain in December, maybe that will be the only option. I plan to buy a new Pentax in the future, probably the K3 and use the K20D as a backup or for when I go trekking in the mountains here. Have a good day, Mark


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I've read about use of a small spray of electrical contact cleaner being used to remedy this? I know it's a problem that's been aired here and on the US forum from time to time.

Also, another suggestion that was reported as working was simply to operate the dial backwards and forwards for a few minutes - yes minutes!
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Hi Johnx, Thanks for the advice. I'll try both and see if I have any luck. Have a good afternoon. Mark
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