K20D - image quality issues.


Link Posted 25/07/2011 - 10:07
I have just got a K20D with 18-55 DA WR lens.
Not changing anything on the camera since I bought it (second hand), I have shot few pictures yesterday and I noticed that images look very saturated and almost over processed like.

Other thing is, is it possible that 18-55 DAL is sharper than 18-55 DA WR?
This is my impression so far.

Have anyone had any problems with K20d image quality or lens sharpness problems?



Link Posted 25/07/2011 - 10:16
Have you tried changing the custom image settings? Try 'natural' and see if that is more to your taste. Or try shooting RAW

The 18-55 lenses are based on the same optical design, but different lenses may vary because of... well I suppose it's poor quality control!


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The first DA 18-55 is of poorer design but the DA 18-55 MKII, DA-L & DA WR share the same optical design with the WR having new coatings.
So the WR could be ever so slightly better because of the coating.

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Also for JPG's set the sharpness to either 1 or 2

I have noticed quite a few people complaining about the WR lens.
I have the Mk2 which should be the same optically and it is
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Images looked good on the back screen. It is only when I looked at them today on the monitor they look over saturated and heavily processed. I am going to do a comparison between my k100d v k20d and two lenses DAL and WR.
All with default factory settings. That should give me some answers as to which one I should sell (preferably k100d + DAL although I love them both).


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Have you calibrated your monitor so not then you can't judge your photos on that.

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I havent, but based on the photos from k100d which looked on screen identical to printed I assume the monitor is ok.


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If it's a used camera it might be worth resetting the camera to factory settings if you have not done so already and start from there. I did that with mine and tweaked the jpeg settings until I was happy. I also use the 18-55 WR and find it performs very well.

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The 18-55 WR lens performs very well for me too, most of my images are taken with this lens.

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