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Hi, I don't know what that is exactly called, but found on ebay as Single 180 Degree Split Image Focusing focus Screen For Pentax K10D DSLR
This is the frosted glass closing and opening view finder. I have successfully broke this [ slipped inside and had to force remove lens and broke]

I did notice after cleaning that the clip is failing the hold the frosted glass, but managed till now.

Can I ask whether the clip can be repaired or RIP this camera [K10D]
please advice
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Do I take it you still have the original focussing screen and just want a replacement clip to hold it in?
Given there might be small shards of glass from the broken screen in the camera it might be worth considering getting a quote to have it cleaned and the screen and clip replaced.
As I haven't got a clue as to where you are it's difficult to suggest any potential repairers or specific sources of spare parts, though sometimes people sell spares from dismantled cameras on eBay which might help if you're considering a do it yourself repair. Or source a broken K10D to use for donor parts.
There's one going quite cheap here:
(That's said to be a working camera.)
You ask if the clip can be repaired - doubt anyone could judge without seeing it!
John K
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