K10D Flash Sync. socket....


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Absence of..

A bit of a pain as I am unable to use my ring flash on my K10.
Has anybody found a work-around for this problem? Ebay is full of various adaptors claiming to provide a PC sync.socket but I suspect this is not the case as they all seem not to provide any electrical connection to the the camera hot-shoe.



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There are adapters that fit into the hotshoe and are fitted with a synch socket.

I'm not sure who sells new ones, but they are the stuff of camera fairs and eBay. If you can't find one I'll check my stock of oddments, but try eBay first.
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This thread is a bit old, but these two (amongst others) will do. If I'm not mistaken, I have the first one.


Note that those will block the operation of the popup flash so no option for AF assist with the popup; possibly not an issue in your case.
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Wireless triggers are another option
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