K1000. Wow.


Link Posted 21/11/2006 - 23:06
I just got the first film back from a K1000 which I picked up almost by accident from an Ebay auction. I was after a lens and the 1000 came with it.

I thought I'd put a roll through the K1000 to make sure it works before selling it on. Well suffice to say I'm not selling it on anymore! I have fallen in love and will be selling my trusty Ricoh KR-5 instead.

If anyone out there has never used a 70's K series, do yourself a favour, get your hands around one and have a go. You have never experianced full manual photography until you have used one of these babys.


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 00:07
I used to say something like that about cheerleaders....of course these days I don't say nothin about cheerleaders....when you have a spouse, Anything You Say Can and WILL Be used Against YOU!!!
Yep you guys guessed it, I'm in the doghouse this week.
Afraid to even ask why..(mostly afraid I'll incriminate myself on something she didn't already know about)....
Oh well maybe I'll get her something extra special for Christmas....
come to think of it, she was mad at me last year about this time....coincidence ?...HEY!
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 00:39

I too, sense a pattern here.

What's great is that you're both into photography, so that extra special gift...

Stay safe 'till then.

"I'm pullin' for ya - we're all in this together"


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 00:45

Even better, try any of the M42 Spotmatics!

Good old solid stuff!

Sounds like your K1000 is still in great shape. If you are going to keep it - maybe get it Cleaned, Lubricated and Adjusted (CLA) - it'll last another 35 years.

What country do you call home?


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 06:53
yes i just fell in love again with my k1000, i am selling my digital rebel to buy some lenses and a flahs for it.


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 10:21
Mongoose - I know what you mean, I still use my old man's first Pentax, a KM that was bought 2 days after I was born (well he had to do something to cheer himself up!). It gets plenty of outings with it's original 55mm and 135mm K series lenses... I find that it's superb for B&W. In those 30 years that it's been running it's never been back to Pentax for anything and I only change the battery every 2 years to avoid any nasty leaks!

Like Mac says - good solid stuff!


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Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 11:56
I think I've mentioned elsewhwere in this forum, that I started out with a k1000.
That camera would have a special place in m curio cabnet at this moment, if I still had it. But it's still with me, if only in fond memories.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 14:52
I love to hear that Im not alone to love those old K-series cameras....

I still have my old KM that I bought for my first sallory in 1975. Selling it? No way!

Arthur Dent

Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 15:05
I still have two MX bodies with winders and a K1000 sitting in my studio cabinet. Until the D, those were the cameras I used to make my way as a working photographer.

The K1000 has become a cult classic by now, defenitely keep it!


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 20:00
handling this K1000 I can't help but wish it could talk and tell me its story. It has clearly seen some seriously heavy use. It has a good few bumps and dings, it's lost the cover on the film counter which tells you what frame you are on, half of the leatherette covering from the front and the plastic bit from the film advance lever.

On the other hand, open it up and it's spotless inside. Even the foam padding in the mirror housing is intact. It has clearly been well cared for despite its hard life.

Well it will have an easier time of it now it's with me. I use my *istDL2 most of the time. The K1000 will come out on occasions though and I hope to continue to enjoy its company for many a long year.

My Dad has an SP500 M42 body which also works like a charm, a little harder to get batteries for than the K series though 'cause its designed for Mercury cells. Also the SP has taken a hard knock at some point and its pentaprism is skewed so the viewfinder image appears at about 10 degrees to the horizontal. Makes for an interesting shooting challenge! Our favourite thing to do is to hand it to photographer types when they come to visit and see how long it is before they notice the flaw with the finder.


Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 22:10

There are folk who can service your K and Screw Mount cameras - Erik Hendrickson in Tennessee is my choice if you live on this side of the pond.

You've come to the right place to discuss these old gems - a wealth of experience, and the most helpful people you'll ever meet.



Link Posted 22/11/2006 - 22:34
I'm in the UK, I was thinking about talking to Asahi photo (advertised on the front page of this very site) and seeing what they'd charge to clean her up, check the meter etc.

I'm not that bothered about having the damage repaired as it doesn't hurt the usability of the camera at all and it adds a little character.
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