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Link Posted 08/03/2010 - 14:45
I have been trying out the movie function on the Pentax K-x and I am finding it difficult to get it to focus. With the high definition aspect ratio, I am looking at a wide postage stamp size image on the screen which makes it very difficult to see if it is focus - especially outdoors in good daylight. Also, when I hold the shutter button halfway down, it keeps whirring away trying to lock a focus but it can't seem to make up its mind - especially when lighting is not great. Automatic focusing seems fine for stills. Also, I have experimented with centre weighted etc. Am I doing something wrong - or is this just a limitation of this camera?
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Press the Info button to enlarge the image on the LCD.

Try manual focus.

Or switch to Phase Difference AF (the type of autofocus used for stills without Live View). The Mirror will flip up for AF then flip back down. See page 145 of your manual.

Or focus in the normal way before switching to Movie mode. You can't refocus during video recording, so you might as well just focus in advance. Contrast AF mode can be more accurate sometimes with good light and contrast, though.
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manual focus is better, the auto focus with live view is massivly slow so i would'nt use it anyway.
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Thanks for your help Pete and Glover. Now I understand the camera better and I am looking forward to trying out your suggestions. I have just tried pressing the information button to enlarge the image on the LCD and this is much better - at least in indoor lighting anyway.
Pentax K-x, DA18-55 lens, DA50-200 lens, Metz 48 Flash
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