K-x and timer/hotshoe flash weirdness


Link Posted 06/10/2013 - 15:18
Hi All,

I've noticed this previously but never really got to the bottom of it.

When operating without the timer everything works perfectly. However, switch to timer mode and it all goes horribly wrong. Using the internal flash the flash triggers twice; once when the shutter is depressed and again when the actual shutter is released (for example 2 seconds later). This seems pointless but I can live with it. However, using the external flash it seems it doesn't have enough time to recharge between the first and second flash, therefore I may as well not have a flash.

Is this simply a bug in the firmware? Is there anything I can do about it except by another flash with a quicker recharge time?

I have also noticed weird behaviour where the external flash isn't always triggered - I can't remember the exact details but depending on priority, manual or auto mode the hotshoe flash behaves differently whereas the internal is *always* triggered. I don't don't remember exact details here but I know it's bugged me and seemed somewhat random in the past.

Any ideas, especially regarding the double flash on timer issue?


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The double flash may well be a pre-flash for exposure followed by the main flash. Or possibly a red-eye reduction pre-flash. It needs switching off, so back to the instruction manual I think!
Best regards, John


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Hi John,

I think perhaps I didn't explain it properly.

Without timer, hit the shutter, one flash.

With timer, hit the shutter button, single flash - followed by 2 (or 15?) second timer, then a second flash when the actual shutter is triggered.

It's not red eye as it's turned off. It *could* be exposure metering but I'm curious why it would need two flashes with a timer when it manages perfectly happy without the pre-flash without the timer.

I will double-check the manual however I'm sure last time I looked it mentioned nothing about a pre-flash, regardless of timer setting.

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When you use the self timer the mirror raises before the exposure, so maybe it's something to do with that?
Best regards, John
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