K-3 with sigma 10-20 at London student protest


Link Posted 21/11/2014 - 02:16
After staying in Hong Kong covering the umbrella revolution, I am finding protest photography very interesting and I went to cover the students protest in London yesterday. Would like to share a few pictures here.


GEO_2294-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2302-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2317-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2388-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2409-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2446-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2455-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2479-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2510-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2518-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2524-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2543-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2562-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2580-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2651-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2720-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2759-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2792-1 by geovienso, on Flickr


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Some great images. Good to see photographers documenting issues affecting society.


Link Posted 21/11/2014 - 08:51
reminds me of when I was a lad and people cared enough to publicly voice their opinions.

Interesting set of photos. Are they used by the press or is just for your own consumption?


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Some excellent images there. I especially like 13. There is some software, the name of which I have forgotten, which helps 'fix' the stretching effect one gets at the edges of ultra wide lenses. It might help with one or two where the faces look a little odd near the edge of the frame.

Best wishes, Kris.
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These are great... a real sense of energy, of being right in the thick of it... am particularly interested by the detailed and specific thoughts of individuals on their own individual placards... really good... congrats...




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My favourite placard.."Eat or be Eaten"....classic



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These are all first rate shots, some of best photojournalism I've seen in a while.
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A really excellent set of images, the use of the ultra-wide lens has paid dividends here. I don't mind the stretching of the faces at the edges of the frame, this is not important for me with images like these.


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davem wrote:
reminds me of when I was a lad and people cared enough to publicly voice their opinions.

Interesting set of photos. Are they used by the press or is just for your own consumption?

I do try to sell my pictures with a few different photo agencies but so far not much luck, perhaps that is due to the fact that the photo journalism industry is all about how quickly you can edit the photos and upload them. And I do not bring my laptop with me when I am out shooting, and by the time I get home to edit my images I already see other photographer's pictures are already being used by many different medias.
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