K-3 dynamic range and latest ACR


Link Posted 02/10/2014 - 17:49
Since buying my K-3 I've had a slight niggle with the dynamic range, which I felt (& dxomark seems to confirm) is slightly poorer than K-5. I admit that I have been looking at trying to better this with another brand (foolish I know !). However, today I installed the latest version of ACR (upgraded from CS5 version) and it's Process Version/Tone mapping is astonishing.

I've been playing with images that I'd given up with, but can now pull data from places I could not access before. Also the noise processing is so much better,that even snap shots at 3200 ISO, handheld at 1/15 are very respectable (to me anyway ...).

As I said I found myself recently handling a d810 and comparing it with the K-3 - I was thinking about the better DR. (Horribly feel I felt - a bit of an empty box feel, not solid like k-3/5 ...). Now, with this software upgrade I can forget this momentary madness and enjoy my camera, especially with the tiny primes ...

Software upgrades are a tad cheaper that system changes too ...


Link Posted 02/10/2014 - 21:46

I've been considering the K3 as a replacement for my K5. What strikes me about Dx0 Mark is the higher scores they give quality lenses for the K5 MkIIS and the even higher ones still for the K3 gainst the K5. I assume something has to give cramming so many more pixels on the sensor. I wonder why they didn't go for the 20 mp sensor now on the new Christmas lights model? Time and reviews will tell perhaps?
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