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K-1 Mk3 in development, so Ricoh say

Posted 22/12/2023 - 10:58 Link
and the Facebook pages are alive with rumours and speculations, and the usual arguments.

With feet in 2 camps and no intention of going mirrorless anytime soon, I am interested. I bought my K-1 in 2016, shortly before getting a D810. For some strange reason I could not feel satisfied with the D810 (the D500 is supposed to be the wildlife/sport camera so ended up using both for that purpose) and the K-1 became my preferred walkabout/landscape lens. So, I had 2 very similar cameras and I couldn't get on with the Nikon. Same with the Nikkor 24-70 - both went to MPB. Now I have D850 and the 24-120/4 I've owned since 2011.

So, last thing I want is a K1.3 with the same 45.7MP sensor of the D850/Z7ii/Z8 and Z9.

Enough MP so that if I use in crop mode I get minimum 24-26MP APSc images
Still have tilt-screen
Better flash and better AF.
Not at all bothered by video
UHS-II or CF Express Type B slot.
form factor that allows continued use of the DBG6 battery grip.

so what other features would we be looking out for in the new camera?

I expect something like that wouldn't be less than £2500..
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Posted 22/12/2023 - 23:47 Link
If it has a flippy screen I will be interested. If not, they can keep it.
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Posted 23/12/2023 - 01:05 Link
I wouldn't be particularly bothered by more mega pixels. But I would like to see auto focus points on multiple frames, to aid focus stacking. Like the Nikon Z's have.. If the rumors are true. I would be more concerned "how is it going to be marketed" With Pentax now so far behind in this area. Having owned a K1 since its introduction. unless there are upgrades in focus speed, frames per second and video quality. Im unlikely to choose Pentax again.
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Posted 24/12/2023 - 12:17 Link
Given that the K3III was about two years from announcement to fruition I donít expect to see this before 2025. It must have at least 45mp to be viable seeing as some competing products are at this level now, and the focusing technology from the K3III although that will be four years old by then. I am sure it will be a superb camera but for me it has been left too late.

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