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Hi all,

I am having a problem with my Pentax *ist DS, which I've owned since about 2006 or so.

I took it out the other day to take some photos of a car and it wasn't until I got them onto the computer that I noticed they all had a weird pink tint to them. Any ideas? It seem to do it in all WB modes (this was taken with AWB) including manual. It was fine the last time I used it, never dropped etc and a fairly low shutter count (3422)

Any ideas?

ETA - the car should be a darkish blue and the wheel should be black.

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Can you upload the original jpeg, straight out of camera (not one messed about with in Photoshop?)
Best to eliminate processing issues first.

Also try doing a default setting on the camera to see it that resolves it ('Back to initial settings'.)

Is this closer?

John K
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It's closer, although the shade of blue is slightly too light and there is still quite a pinkish tint, most noticeable on the wheel and the wing. It was taken in bright sunshine with nothing magenta / pink etc anywhere nearby,

The pic I just found online gives a better idea of what the colour should be

Here is a link below to the original file straight off the memory card - I can't upload it as a jpg straight from the camera as I take all my pictures in raw. The only think I had done to the one uploaded previously was to save it as a jpg. This is happening with all pictures in all settings.



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Just downloaded the PEF and my prog says it can't process the file - sorry!


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I opened the PEF in Silkypix and the green channel is much less exposed than the red or blue. I fear your camera has become an ornament.

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The colour balance does seem way off. Have you tried the default setting to see if that resolves things?
Also try a few photos just in auto, if they all still come out with that magenta cast it suggests a fault with the camera somewhere.
John K
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I was worried it was a physical issue too, but hoped there was some kind of daft setting I had changed, admittedly not something I look for much online, but the entire 'green' sensor part of the CCD failing in one go seems a bit odd.

Just in case, here is a link to .jpg version link

and a 'photoshop raw' version (.raw) link

It wouldn't be so bad I guess, but the other *ist DS body I have is in worse condition, but works perfectly (apart from fibres and dust on the focussing screen) and this failed / failing one (a silver and black one) has more sentimental value than the still working black one (which has a mere 2001 shutter count it turns out).

Also discovered on one of my spotmatic F cameras the battery tab was corroded to the cell, so came out when I took the cell out and on the other one the mirror keeps sticking up and even when gently persuaded down just pops back into the up position.

So far I haven't been brave enough to check out the MZ-5 I have in the bag - I'm thinking it'll probably catch fire or something....

I shouldn't have tried to take any photos this week!


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I wouldnt bother with a lottery ticket this week.

The DS is a fine old camera. My first DSLR. It's small size and great capability makes me regret I sold it. However DSLR cameras are so much more reliant on the electronics than their film predecessors, and therein lies their problem. There will come a time when some part of that electronic wizardry says "no more". Then you are stuffed.

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I took my DS out of the drawer the other day, put some batteries in and ....................................... ! It's dead.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Must have been a bad week for DSs.
John K
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