ist D connection problems for remote assistant


Link Posted 17/04/2012 - 12:27
ist D owner, lovely camera, trying to use Remote Assistant software with a 64 bit laptop. have finally found a USBI-2 connection cable (for the strange round connector on the ist D - only strange by comparison with more recent mini connectors of course!) Running version 1.0 of remote assistant software (as Version 3 not compatible with ist D) via V1.0 Browser / or on it's own. Camera doesn't want to know!!? I think the cable is still the issue, as I've tried 'compatibility' mode running it as an XP Service Pack 3 program via 'properties' menu options, but even on a 32 bit netbook it won't even see the camera (and it's switched on!). Please, any help most appreciated as I'd like to use this remote control option for astrophotography on a guided mount - thanks in advance anyone - Anthony.

alan S

Link Posted 17/04/2012 - 17:26
Compatibility mode to get XP could be the clue as RA is only XP compliant.
Do you have access to a pure XP machine that would prove that territory.

Now the lead, is it a third party/copy lead? I bought one that was incorrectly wired gave absolutely no response. Luckily caused no damage. If I remember correctly one of the signal(centre pair)was swapped with the 0ve power.

Found a genuine Pentax lead and all was talking to each other as it should.

Sorry to say I don't still have my notes from that escapade

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I didn't realise the *istD worked with Remote Assistant but you might try enabling administrator mode on your PC
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Link Posted 18/04/2012 - 12:19
Thank you for trhe rapid and useful responses guys. Yes, RA will work with the ist D as long as you have greater than V1.0 firmware installed (this made it compatible). Yes...the lead in question. Claimed compatible from a 3rd Party and in fact says Cable-295 USB2.0 (though I thought the ist D was USB1.0 only!?) then "USB2.0-FEM Nikon 8PIN 1.8M Length". So I am presuming the same cable is used on a similar Nikon, maybe the elderly D100 (same sensor, so maybe similar internals/external connectors...don't know really, guessing!?). Like Alan suggests, I have sneaky feeling it's the cable, as it won't even see the camera to just download pics from the card (not that I want it for that, I'll use a CF card reader normally), so it would seem one is not seeing the other from the start. I'll have to dish the cash on a genuine Pentax USBI2 cable then I think. Will try running RA on an XP at work first though. Thanks for the help guys, appreciated - Anthony.
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